Remember that teacher who told you what made you different made you special? Or the one who spent that little extra time with you to perfect your slam dunk? Or the one who opened your eyes to other kids out there, who wanted to go to school, but just couldn’t, and so you wanted to help them? These inspiring teachers are the unsung heroes of our community, and A Day Made Better wants to sing a tune of recognition for them.

Over 39,000 nominations and 10 primary and secondary teachers were recognised for their impact on students, families and the broader community. Here are their stories.

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Melanie Smith
“Mel puts 100% into her teaching, it’s beyond the classrooms or saying hello in the hall, it's doing everything possible in her power to get everyone through in whatever way possible. She gives up her out of class time to meet with students that are struggling and motivates them to keep working towards their goals. I've never met a teacher so dedicated, loving, accepting or kind. She makes students feel comfortable and takes an interest in their lives, acknowledging the impact of home circumstances and helps to work around student's individual struggles. She shares her own books for students to read and works tirelessly to help us to make our work the best standard we can. She is cheery and bubbly, and is an asset to the school faculty.”
Edison Harris
Petrina Cummins
“Petrina is an outstanding teacher who inspires all around her. Her love for her job and the children she teaches shines through everyday. She is committed, passionate and determined to make each child feel loved, valued and worthy. Petrina ensures her students believe in themselves and gives them courage to take risks. She is there for the good and bad times always giving her support.”
Rebecca Drury

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