Remember that teacher who told you what made you different made you special? Or the one who spent that little extra time with you to perfect your slam dunk? Or the one who opened your eyes to other kids out there, who wanted to go to school, but just couldn’t, and so you wanted to help them? These inspiring teachers are the unsung heroes of our community, and A Day Made Better wants to sing a tune of recognition for them.

Over 39,000 nominations and 10 primary and secondary teachers were recognised for their impact on students, families and the broader community. Here are their stories.

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Fiona King

Teaching has always been Fiona's vocation. She believes that warm, caring and supportive Primary Schooling is crucial to each child's development.
Immediately after 'Carrington All Stars ' won The Australian National Championship, Fiona said to me, " .No matter what life has in store for them, they will always know they were once National Champions."
This says it all. ...
To Fiona it is all about preparing children for life by promoting self esteem, resilience and individual / team effort.
She supports and celebrates every child's success or improvement, small or large with a joy that is as infectious as it is genuine.
Fiona is always saying how wonderful the children, parents, Principal and Teaching Staff are at Carrington.
Well, Fiona you are pretty special yourself!

Val Barry
Amanda Flood

Amanda is an amazing teacher. Gifted with the ability to engage and connect with teenage boys with disabilities with ease, she ensures that they feel heard, important and ready to further their learning.
Amanda doesn't switch off when the school bell goes at the end of the day. It is not unusual for parents to receive text messages or phone calls from her late into the evening, or on weekends informing them of the great things their child is doing, or of any challenges they might be encountering.

Her ability to provide a wholistic approach to nurturing, confidence building and inclusive learning is something I haven't seen ever before and will be eternally grateful for.

Kylie Hewitt
Lynn Murfet

Her passion, the time she gives and her dedication to doing over and above to support students to 'be the best they can be', and what she does to ensure educational experiences are 'real world' and relevant. Lyn is an inspiration, a hard worker and a wonderful soul whose compassion is remarkable. We need more like her!! I think lyn creates learning environments that allow for personal growth and a great sense of belonging in addition to teaching skills and knowledge that lead to employment. Her students respect her, they care about what they do, and they will go places they may never have considered because of her. I think lyn is an amazing teacher who sees worth, potential and greatness in all kids.

Cherie Hawkins
Wendy Goldston

When I first met Mrs Goldston, I was nothing but a shy student afraid of everything at a new school. However, over the next two years, Mrs G's exceptional style of teaching brought out the best in me as well as every other student around me. I found myself striving for more and always conversing with Mrs G about my goals and aspirations. As I graduated from University last year, I knew that the teaching that I received from Mrs G was integral in helping me transform to the confident community member I am today. Thank you for inspiring me from the first day we met.

Turna Mandal
Samantha Cockshell

Samantha Cockshell, is one of KICE's most dedicated teachers. She is generous, caring and very supportive. Throughout my senior year, she has helped me achieve the best results ever. Offering to stay back after school, or an early morning start, to help me with my assignments, this shows her dedication and her love for the teaching role. Many of us students look up to Mrs. Cockshell, as she is an intelligent woman with an effective and lively wealth of knowledge that helps us achieve the best results possible. I believe she deserves this award, as she puts in tonnes of effort into her students, sacrificing time with her own children, to ensure we push through year 12 with flying colours.

Brodee Williams
Kate Harden

Kate is such an enthusiastic educator and works tirelessly to secure many grants for BSPS. Growing Green Kids NT is a wonderful initiative developed by Kate and she has created strong partnerships with our neighbours the Territory Wildlife Park. Students are part of exciting projects with the park that will encourage the use of all curriculum areas. The school now has a viable recycling program and frog pond teaching about sustaining healthy environments. Students are germinating seedlings, planting vegetables and developing their own school orchard. Kate certainly has made a lot of students days better with her caring nature and enthusiasm. I hope to make Kate’s day better by nominating her and recognising the awe-inspiring wonderful work she does.

Audrey Godwin
Viv Doolan

I have worked continuously with Vivienne Doolan since 1989. Her enthusiasm and dedication to her students and helping them to make music has not waned over more than a quarter of a century! She has been the facilitator for many top class bands and musicians, and is even responsible for bands from other schools, who now play alongside her Melba musicians every ANZAC Day in the parade. She loves and nurtures every one of her students giving many hours of her time to go to and from events which provide extra opportunities for her students. She collaborates with parents, staff and VCAA to ensure her students have the best possible support. She organises camps/activities ranging from tours of America and Queensland, performing at the Sydney Olympics ceremony to a fortnight ago at Hamer Hall.

Marg Henley
Alison Inskeep

Ali has been a passionate and inspiring educator for many years and has dedicated her life to children. Ali has worked across sectors - primary school, as a high school consultant and now in a senior secondary setting. Ali is now a champion for personalised learning and is an Advisory Teacher in the Big Picture Academy. Her students adore her because she sets high standards for them, always believes in their potential and expects them all to dream big. She relentlessly explores opportunities for students at risk and never walks away from them. She has been a humble mentor for beginning teachers, a strong advocate of social justice and has embraced innovation and change over her many years as an educator. Ali is an incredible teacher who always thinks of others first; she deserves to win.

Jackie Vaughan
Andrew Wookey

The difference between a good teacher and a great teacher are the sacrifices he/she is willing to make for the students, fellow staff members and school community in order to benefit and extend their journey. Mr Wookey, unselfishly, constantly goes above and beyond to provide everyone he is involved with, students and staff, the best learning and teaching experience possible. He helps out when needed, puts in so many hours outside of school hours, sacrificing his own time for the well-being and benefit of the students. He is more than just a teacher, he is a role-model, an inspiration and a person within the community that everyone admires and looks up to.

Michael Brown
Rose-Anne Monk

Ms Monk taught me biology when I was in Year 11 and 12. She is honestly the most engaging teacher I ever had. Her sense of humour and ability to connect with any student made her classes extremely fun and enjoyable.
In her many decades of teaching, Ms Monk has inspired numerous students to find joy in learning science. Ms Monk's commitment towards helping her students is insurmountable. She attends to the needs of everyone and ensures that no-one is left behind. She has even held unpaid after-school lessons for her students in the past.
I am forever grateful of Ms Monk's passion and dedication towards teaching. She is the reason why I'm currently in medical school. She is truly an amazing person and I sincerely hope she gets the recognition she deserves.

Roy Huynh

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