Over 23,000 members of the community, fellow teachers, parents, and students, have by nominating a teacher that goes above and beyond, helped us shape our song. 10 teachers whose stories of support shone, have been recognised and rewarded and most importantly told, thank you. Here are their stories.

One inspirational teacher was Matt Barber from Coombabah State High School. This is his story.

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Tristan Bevan

As well as being a great hockey coach, going out of his way to improve the team, he is a great teacher and head of house. His enthusiasm lifts every one up and encourages us to strive for the best possible outcome on the sporting field and in the class room.

Jen McNaught
Jennifer Snowball

Miss Snowball is young and dynamic. She teaches with such passion and makes learning fun. She gets down to student level so they can all relate to her and the way in which she teaches the them. She gets involved in anything and everything that is about "helping others" from packing boxes for the needy in Vanuatu to K's for kids. But she also gets her class involved in everything too and shows how important it is to support and give to the needy. She's an absolute breath of fresh air and an I'm so glad I have had the opportunity to have her as one of my children's teachers!

Michelle Fatooros
Janine Toft

Not only does Janine teach with 100% dedication, she will make a student's school work lift dramatically. She spent 4 years teaching in a remote community in the Northen Territory outback, taking care of the children in her own free time. From homework to hygiene. Teaching them to dress and present themselves for school. Then during the school hours showing 100% attention to each and every student. Janine will always go the extra step for her students, for example on her weekends off she would be spending her time at Salvation Army stores in Darwin City and driving toys over 400kms for the underprivileged children every single week.
She would live out in the communites for the week then come home on the weekend to see her own family.
Now taking a break from remote teaching Janine is still giving her life to the children of the NT by ensuring their education will have positive results in the future.

Chistopher Goulding
Eileen Currie

Mrs Currie never gives up on her music students, including me, and she is always supportive. Mrs Currie also puts all the energy and time she has into organising all of our music performances, excursions, and choosing our music pieces. For example today (4th May) she came to school so we could practise for the upcoming Canberra Eisteddfod even though she was sick with a cold and had almost lost her voice. It's things like these that make me believe that Mrs Currie truly deserves to win A Day Made Better.

Vinu Hewa Bowalage
Raelene Davis

My son has severe Autism and intellectual disability, severe food aversion and tourettes. Mrs Raelene Davis in a matter of weeks of starting prep in her class, has helped him read words, recognise letters, numbers, write his name, and has coached him to eat...he ate a few bites of a hamburger, a wrap and cheese. This is huge for us as he also has ceoliac disease and food to him is poison. I have never met a teacher that has tears in her eyes telling me what my son has achieved for the day. She has all the time in the world for him and also myself as his mother. Mrs Davis is the most kind hearted amazing woman I have ever encounterd as a teacher. She has helped my son in so many ways words cannot explain all the details. He even cries when we have to go home some days and calls her name all the way to the car. Such an amazing teacher and a truly amazing school, we have had nothing but support and guidance from all involved at the school.

Elise Rockliffe
Rebecca Jones

Beccie Jones creates the most amazing learning environment for her middle school students. Her classroom and teaching style encompasses all learning types and abilities.
My son has been blessed to have Bec last year and again this year. As a child who has learning issues (dysgraphia, dyslexia, sensory processing and bi-lateral hearing aids) who was struggling at school, Bec has turned his attitude of "I can't" into one of "I can". She has reignited his desire and passion for leaning. She has helped him and us to focus on his abilities and develop strategies that allow him to get his work completed in a timely manner whilst taking into consideration his strengths and weaknesses.
No matter what is happening in the world around Bec always has a positive attitude towards her students and classrooms. She has developed this attitude in her students also. She has managed to bring together students who could not and would not work together. In regards to my son she has managed to help foster a great friendship between him and another child who until the middle of last year couldn't even look at each other with out having issues.
She is a wonderful support to her students and their families in times of need. She always makes you feel welcome and in partnership with her in the education of her students.
She has fostered a great sense of self worth in my son. She has taken him from being a student/person who doubted himself to a student/person who knows with a bit of effort he can and will.

Jodi Watts
Bianca Bisset

This lovely lady takes time out to make sure every one of her students feels safe and secure. This is a very important as she is a Prep teacher. Bianca always goes above and beyond her duties. She is a very dedicated teacher. Bianca also sponsors and teaches at schools overseas and shares her stories with other staff. i personally have been so inspired that
i now also sponsor students overseas. She has also organised our school to be a sister school to the overseas so we can help and support others less fortunate than us.

Sharon McMahon
Marie Blackburn

I have a child with special needs and Marie came in to Head the Special Needs Centre at Sacred Heart College last year. She has changed Ben's life. He loves school now. Marie sees the potential in all the children in the centre and provides them with amazing opportunities that encourage them to grow and believe that so much is possible. These children are learning so many skills that are helping them to become functioning and productive members of our society. The whole school has taken on integrating and including these children because Marie has helped them see things so differently. Marie is our guardian angel!!!

Claire Pieters
Matt Barber

He sticks his neck out for his students. Goes beyond his job. Helps them with their struggles and has the capability of understanding. He turned an entire High School graduating class who hated each other into a group of young adults who could get along, give back to the school and the wider community. He really goes above and beyond. Using his own holidays to provide aid in countries such as Vanuatu providing children with the great education that we are presented with and the person that we got to see every day. He brought a group of people that really cared only about themselves to help with such efforts and take the wonderful creations that he suggested to a country with children in need. One of the very few people that would do anything for anyone and expect absolutely nothing in return. Deserves everything that he wishes for.

Thomas Meighan
George Franklin

George Franklin is not only a Fantastic teacher, but also a great role model. George took 25 teenagers (including myself) up to the adelaide fringe festival, to perform an original and brilliant show that he spent at least a year working on with us. He not only did this with a smile on his face, but he did the whole thing for no money and just for us, and so he could share this experience and passion for theatre with us.
George makes sure everyone feels comfortable with themselves and the people around them, whilst still encouraging us to try new things.
Basically, I dont, and don't think I'll ever have a single complaint about George. He's the most genuine and interesting teacher iv ever met and I think anyone who knows him could utterly agree.

Alicia Muscat

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