Julie Bassett

Julie has provided the children of our small school with continuity, love and motivated learning during a year of change. With a lot of changes in teachers, Julie helped maintain focus and self-confidence, and provided a strong role model for healthy, sustainable living that truly follows the ethos of our Co-operative School song.

Julie teaches art, drama, music and literacy across all four years of our Early Learning School. The creativity of the children is enhanced by her own amazing concepts; she provides beautiful objects to work with – I don’t know how on her resources budget – and fosters perceptive, sophisticated works, which the children really understand, and are proud of.

She uses a quiet discipline, much appreciated by parents and students alike, and is the source of many morning smiles of ‘it’s a Julie day’. Julie’s work with the children for an out-of-hours inter-school drama production drew comments from our cluster on the joy, beauty and exceptional quality of our performance, and she used her motivational skills to gather teaching staff after home-time to cheer on a first time bike rider, so much so that the child took to the skill, shouting that she only had to ‘believe she could do it’.

Kirsty Westaway
Janelle Bullen

Janelle is the Special Education Assistant Principal at Coffs Harbour Primary School. She supervises 5 Special Education classes with up to 50 students who have a very diverse range of disabilities including severe and moderate, behavioural disorders, autism and physical disabilities. She is responsible for her staff and ensuring her school caters for these students. This is a very challenging position.

Currently she is fundraising for a mini-bus so our school can transport these students to offer them extra opportunities. She has a great passion for ensuring these students have success in their school life which transfers to their home life. Janelle also teaches the behaviour disorder class at the school. She is remarkable at what she does and I believe her amazing contribution to these student's lives is a celebration of the human spirit.

Peter Hickey
Cindy Wakeling

My daughter has undergone major surgery this year and has been away from school a lot. E's confidence and self esteem has been affected, as well as her desire to go to school.

During Term 1 when E was unable to attend school, Mrs Wakeling brought the classroom to E's bed and used technology to make E still feel a part of her class. As we have been trying to introduce E back to school, Mrs Wakeling has gone out of her way to accommodate E's special needs.

She has assisted her with extra lessons to catch up in time for NAPLAN and has helped with moving her seating plans to reduce the chances of E falling as she learns to walk again. Above all, she has showed a level of kindness to our family that has made returning E to school after this very stressful time easy. Mrs Wakeling has cared for E as if she was her own, while caring for every other child and their needs in her class. She is an amazing teacher and I am so pleased she is my daughter’s teacher.

Virginia C
Kerry Kielland

Kerry is an outstanding teacher who is dedicated to the students and the school. Kerry has inspired the students to do their best by establishing a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and by encouraging the students to use different forms of technology to assist their learning.

Kerry is also very knowledgeable in the requirements of the curriculum and is focused on ensuring that the students achieve their goals in line with these requirements.

I am unsure of the extent to which Kerry uses her own money to fund the resources for the classroom and the students, but it is evident that she does by the resources and environment that the students have. I am very pleased that Kerry is a part of our child's education and if we had more teachers like Kerry that were passionate and dedicated to the education of our children, then the whole country would benefit.

Bruce Johannessen
Stephanie Crowe

Steph is dedicated to the students and their families, not just in her class, but the entire school community. I have even seen her at the school on her day off pruning the roses!

My daughter was sick before Mother's Day so Steph came to our house that evening to deliver my gift. She spent time an afternoon a week before my second daughter began school reading with her so they could get to know each other better.

In short, she's dedicated to the school, the children and their families and is generous with her time, energy, resources and love.

Cate Oaten-Hepworth
Owen Tubb

Owen is highly motivated and energetic. He has huge respect from all of his students and encourages students to participate in sport, drama and explore the advances in IT.

He has directed and organised the school musical for the last three years, which has given students who would usually stand back, a chance to achieve and shine in front of the school body and parents.

Sheri Matthews
Emma Browne

Earlier this year, a girl, Mia, in Emma’s class was told her bone marrow cancer had returned. Mia has a rare blood type.

Absolutely devastated, Emma rallied her friends and family to give blood and find out what blood group they were so they could try to find a donor. Last I checked, Emma had encouraged over 80+ people to give blood to help find a donor for not only Mia, but other people who desperately need a match.

When it came time for the class to run cross country, they made "Team Mia" signs, so Mia could complete cross country with them all.

Morgan Brown
Anne-Maree Fewtrell

Anne-Maree has respect for all her work colleagues and students. She is always reliable and will put her hand up to volunteer with anything in the school/community that will help the students or other teachers in any way.

She is an excellent role model and leads by example. Anne-Maree will always donate her own money when there is a shortfall to buy class resources that she feels will engage and inspire the students to want to learn more. She has a unique passion for teaching and it certainly reflects in her students.

One of Anne-Maree's inspirational class activities was to create a traditional bush medicine/tucker and vegetable garden for her students to engage in. These activities have been ongoing now for the past 2 years and have achieved their planned objectives.

Levina Ah Fat
Peter Shaw

Peter Shaw is an exceptional teacher who always put the students within his classroom at the centre of every decision. He leads the student engagement and wellbeing section within the school and makes sure that all students across our small school are aware of our school values and what they should look like in all classroom / playground activities.

He does this through promoting student voice within his classroom and having the leaders within our school promote positive behaviours that they have seen.

Peter is also in charge of our excursion program which he does a magnificent job with and continually keeps the students within the school active. Programs implemented each year include; camps for all year levels, snow skiing trips, bike education, overnight camps, walk to school day, ride to school day, inter school sport. Peter has been doing this role at our wonderful small school for many years and deserve all the recognition possible.

Jeremy Campbell
Nora Watson

Mrs Watson is a very enthusiastic and passionate teacher who can bring out the very best in all her students with lots of fun. She always has a bright smile for welcoming the children into her class room and parents find her very easy to approach to discuss any issues.

All the children love her class and always look forward to their 3 Kindy days. She has fantastic ideas and children thoroughly enjoy their projects. Nora is a natural in excellent teaching practice and was definitely born to be a teacher, she truly deserves to be rewarded!

Vanda Cardoso

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