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Mareeba State School

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My son Nathan Tuxworth struggled through schooling years prep to 3. He was suspended, well below his peers academically and socially. Thwn he went to grade 4 and had Valerie as a teacher. She changed his life. He caught up to his peers, and for the first time at school completed a test, filled out more than a page in his workbooks. His reading improved and his social skills bloomed. Valerie never gave up on him and he still calls her his favourite teacher. He stills goes down to her class to visit her and she still makes time for him 2 years on. She is an absolute asset to the school and gave my son the confidence to try at school whether he succeeds or not. For that my family will forever be grateful. She left a lasting impact on Nathan that will follow him through the rest of his life

Helen Tuxworth

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