Tamara Adamec Gorman messages of support.

John Tonkin College

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MRS GORMAN has started working in the PACE engagement program at JTC this year and has given these students a good chance of an education. She teaches them in her own unique way, by engaging them with hands on activities in English and Science and differentiates their learning to their individual capabilities. In Mrs Gormans class each student is treated as a valued member of our program. She always goes above and beyond! It is such an amazing feeling to watch these students learn new things and to see them engaged.

Amanda Loreto

Tammy is a teacher who is dedicated to her school and especially to her students.
She has alot of enthusiam in her lessons which her students love in learning what ever subject she teaches. As a co-worker (EA) working in her classroom she makes the atmosphere fun and engaging.
Her students love and respect her and so do I. She goes beyound for everyone who knows her.

Masina Faalelea

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