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German International School Sydney

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Ms Ahwee is an incredibly passionate and motivated teacher who brings the joy of learning to her classroom. Her students want to learn and are excited to go to school each day to attend her maths and english classes. My son has excelled under her tutelage and he now has a immense love for reading that is just amazing to see. I cannot thank her enough for passing on her love of knowledge and learning to her students. Her tireless prep work and ability to cater to all levels of ability in her class sets her apart. Most importantly she makes learning fun!

Thank you for inspiring a new generation of kids to love school and most importantly to love reading!

Lizzie Wall

Stephanie has a clear passion for her role as a teacher which is not a given. Her approach motivates and inspires our kids to challenge themselves everyday. Stephanie is a great role model for my child, she is firm but fair and makes learning fun!

Bec Trampe

My daughter started the year with no english writing and reading skills. Mrs Ahwee inspired our daughter who in a short time achieved almost 100% consistently in her spelling tests and is now reading and writing at her year level.

Juliette Hyde

Ms Ahwee is simply a great teacher - she uses effective methods of teaching that motivate students to perform at their best while having fun and not perceiving learning as a chore. Our daughter moved from finding maths 'ok' to now loving it and being part of a multi-school maths workshop! The same goes for teaching English - it is incredibly reassuring for parents to know that their children are learning what is required of them (and more!) and that they actually enjoy doing so.

Christiane Gillespie-Jones

Mrs Ahwee makes the effort to understand my child's personality and works with her interests to help her achieve her best. She is also a caring teacher which is why she is respected and appreciated by all the students and parents!

Carolyn Komaravalli

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