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Springbrook State School

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Mrs Ash is a wonderful, caring and committed teacher and principal. She takes the time with each student to make sure they feel valued and respected ensuring they can become the best they can be.
Mrs Ash is the backbone of the school and a very important member of the community.
We are very lucky to have her! I'm so glad she taught my son, and now my daughter. I'm hoping she will still be at the school when my youngest son reaches the senior classroom.
Thank you Mrs Ash for everything you do!

Rachael Green

Sarah Jane is an amazing teacher because she loves her job and her students. she goes out of her way to work to be a part of the community. we love her so much.

Alivia Quinlivan

My mother works incredibly hard, doing the best she can for her students and the community. She not only teaches them, but she is invested in there futures once they graduate and move on to other ventures in life. She involves herself in the community, instead of simply being there when it is necessary and she works harder than anyone I know. She has not only influenced her past and present students, but the wider Springbrook community - not to mention the various future students she is sure to positively impact. There is also how she has influences myself, as she models daily the behaviour of the kind of dedicated, driven and compassionate person that I aspire to be even somewhat like in the future. There is no one like my mother, she makes her students as well as my day better every day.

Bethany Ash

Miss Ash she bring love to all of you and she make use think we love her and she teach use so much cool stuff thanks Miss Ash

Mika Halliday

Mrs Ash has always love to teach. she loves to teach and helps me some much. she helps me with maths, English and geography when I get stuck.

Gus Corney

She is a fun entertaining and helpful teacher. She helps us learn with fun and entertaining ways to help us learn and enjoy what ever subject we are doing.

Aidan Maguire

Mrs Ash you're the best because you give us the work we can manage and not make it too hard. You are always easy to work with and I'm glad you are our Principal and Senior class teacher.

Roy Davies-Macgregor

Because she has a great personality and every morning we have to go for a run. and that is why she is fabulous.

ethan ticic

Mrs Ash loves to help the school kids learn in the best way possible. She is easy to understand and has her own way of making all children have the urge to learn and try their best at everything, even if they are having a bad day. She is outstanding at what she does and is everything you could hope for in a teacher!

Britt Northam

Sarah Jane Ash is an excellent teacher at all subjects such as geography, maths, and English. She is kind, helpful, respectful, and her being as my teacher is very kind of her as she has everything a nice teacher has.

Gabriel Stephan

Mrs Ash has an amazing style of teaching which makes any child, any day, happy as they can be. She always makes a smile appear on any of her students faces when she provides help to anyone. The way she teaches is excellent with educating because of the interpretation of being active while learning and assigns us lots of hands on activity which I bet everyone enjoys. Thank you Mrs Ash :D

Connor Maguire

I picked Mrs Ash because she helps me learn and she is the best principal. Mrs Ash does fun activities and work with us. When we do signpost Mrs Ash is there to help us if we get stuck on a hard question. If we don't know a word Mrs Ash tells us the word and we spell the word out.

Tobi Den Hertog

Mrs Ash is nice and she is the best principal, she helps me with math and signpost. unlike other teachers she does lost of fun and cool activities.

Jimi=) Jordan



Mrs Ash makes a great place for us to learn. She is committed to what she dose and loves her job as a teaching principal. Our FANTASTIC teacher is willing to give new thing a go. Plus, Mrs Ash has to get up really early to get to school on time. I mean REALLY REALLY early. That is what I call dedication!

Aimee Northam

Mrs Ash is so amazing!!!!! She works really hard to make sure every child is learning their best. She treats us like a garden, she waters us with knowledge, fertilisers us with praise and then we grow with our achievements. It's really wonderful to have Mrs Ash in my life and I am so lucky to have had her as my teacher for the last three years.
Lashae Stockman

Lashae Stockman

Mrs Ash is amazing. She is both my principal and teacher! She is kind and makes sure that you are on the right track.

Emma Green

Because she is so fabulous she let's lets us do something when we want to and makes me learn something new every day!!!!

Ethan Maguire

Mrs Ash is a brilliant teacher and a visionary principal. She is committed to the success of all students, their learning and their futures. She promotes a positive school environment, and encourages feedback and ideas from both students and their families. Mrs Ash is clearly invested and works tirelessly to ensure our small school has many opportunities to experience the wider community. On a more personal note Mrs Ash takes the time to build relationships with her students, their families and the community. She is warm, kind, and a great role model to all.
Misty and Darren Stockman

Misty Stockman

shes the best princabil ever she encourages our spirts shes so so so so loving.

isabelle kembrey

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