Robyn Andrews messages of support.

McClelland College

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This teacher is the leader of my captain group , a strong helper with student representative council. She has done so much to fight bullying , support the LGBTI community at our school , even making a hang out area for them called the " closet " and wearing rainbow colours on athletics day for the " rainbow house " in other words the people who do not identify as either female or male. She has always been their to help me health my
Home life and health and had everyone's best interests in hearts. This women lives and breaths teaching and personally treats everyone of her students as if they where her children. I believe this woman deserves to be the president but this award will have to do. To Mrs Andrews all of mcclellands Angel

Hayley West

Mrs Andrews, is an amazing teacher, she does everything for anyone! She is always so happy and brightens up the classroom, all the year 12 students love her. She has done so much for me and goes beyond herself to make sure all her students are doing there absolute best they can. She would be my most favourite teacher. You can communitcate with her about anything! And she is always willing to listen to what's going on. She always makes sure classes are fun and enjoyable.

Brookelyn Elverd

She’s the bet teacher I’ve had and helped me in so many ways and has helped me though the last few years though all sorts of problems that I’ve had

Lachlan Anderson

Mrs Andrews does everything she can to make school better for the students

bianca hennekam

It's all about the dedication and spirit she shows day in and day out.

Aedan Thorning

Mrs Andrews is the type of woman who will go above and beyond for others without expecting anything in return. I believe it's time for my cohort and I to pay it forward and show our appreciation for all that she has done not only for us but the whole school. I'm a school captain and I find my position challenging at times but then I look at her and all the things she has going on and I respect her even more. Mrs Andrews is living proof that Superwomen do exist.

Karabo Tlokotsi

Mrs Andrews is a teacher who is always going beyond what is required to ensure that students are given the best educational experience that is possible for our school to provide. Though not the largest school, Mrs Andrews has made it feel as though our senior cohort attends the most prestigious of institutes. For that alone she is more than deserving for a formal award to recognise her outstanding efforts and performance. She is always very cheerful and has no doubt given many students fond memories with her charismatic approach to leading students to success. Mrs Andrews is the most appropriate candidate for such an award if any were to ever be.

Ishan Singh

She goes above and beyond her role to ensure everything is organised and that it's a smooth year for all year 12 students she has assisted many students and has truly understood everyone's needs and provided so much support to all students. Without her our school would be lost and year 12 would be a mess

Tara Issa

she has been encouraging me all the time.

Wini Wang

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