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Attadale Primary School

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Mrs Allen has taught all three of my children. Her loving, caring nature endears the children to her. Being the children's first teacher
means she has a great impact on them and they all talk of her years later with such love and kindness.

Victoria O'Neill

She is so passionate about what she teachers your students. She is so caring and has time for every child in the classroom. She always brings out the best in her students and focuses on there positives. Nothing is too hard for this amazing teacher

Helen Germinario

Rennie approaches each child individually, with a great deal of compassion, patience and understanding. She takes children for who they are and builds them up by letting them be their best version which is themselves. Kids flourish under her wings and grow so much in confidence. They learn to love to learn. Renie and her assistant Jo are an amazing team. Hats down!!!

Paulina Poray

Mrs Allen was both of my little boys Kindy teacher. She was the warmest and compassionate teacher. Both of my boys were very sad at the end of the year when they realised she wasn't going to be their teacher in pre primary. Such an amazing lady whom deserves this prize!

Leanne Griffin

Any kid that has started their schooling with Renie is very privileged. She teaches my son and he just loves her. I see kids from all years come up to her and give her a hug as she has made such an impression on them. I hope she wins this award as she diffently deserves it!

Marcia Batterham

Renie is a very loving, warm and supportive teacher to all her students. She's goes way above her duties of caring, understanding and teaching her students.

Sharon Brown

She isn't just a teacher - she is a beautiful friend to every child in her class. She makes each day at school feel like a big hug for the kids - while at the same time implementing an amazing curriculum through such fun activities the kids don't even realise they are learning!

Kerrie Youngs

Mrs Allen is constantly coming up with new and fun ways to keep the children stimulated in a nurturing environment. The kids just love to be around her!

Nicole Hasleby

In 9 years of my 3 children's schooling I have never come across a teacher so patient, caring, gentle, loving and understanding of children. I am so grateful that my youngest got to spend a year with Renie learning in a such a beautiful environment. She is one of a kind!!!

Sally Brindle

mes Allen is the kindest teacher I have ever come across. The bond and respect she has for the kids is like no other.

Kate Wrightson

Mrs Allen is one of a kind. We feel so blessed that she teaches our son as he absolutely loves going to school. He is disappointed on the days he doesn't get to go to school! She has such a gentle, kind and compassionate nature and has all the kids hanging off her every word.

Melissa Gill

Renie was my first daughters kindy teacher several years ago (my daughter is now 15). Renie is still to this day the best teacher my daughter has ever had. Her amazing presence and patience is incredible. Renie is also caring, kind and inspirational. She truly deserves recognition for this!

Jane Healey

She is a fabulous teacher. She genuinely enjoys engaging with young children. She is nurturing, kind & goes out of her way to make every child feel special & unique. Kindy is a truly magical experience for any child who is taught by Renie.

Rebecca Luger

Mrs Allen is an incredible teacher. She is so kind, caring and nurturing to all the children and gives them a fantastic introduction to school life. She teaches the curriculum in an incredibly warm and fun environment, instilling great values along the way. She goes the extra mile for all her students individually and enables each child to thrive. Renie and her assistant Jo are true gems who we are incredibly privileged to have teaching our children.

Sophie Leadbeater

Words are inadequate to describe the magic Renie creates for all her students. In the words of my two children who have been taught by her "as soon as kids meet her they know school is going to be great". Her wealth of experience never jades her, instead she continually researches new ideas and techniques that best suit the individual children. She role models everything I want my children to know including how to celebrate differences, treat colleagues with respect and have fun. She is a shining light in the education system and deserves to be congratulated and recognised!!!

Danielle Miller

Renie always went above and beyond in teaching my daughter and all the other children. My daughter could not have had a more perfect introduction to school than the one she had with renie. She was so attentive, loving, caring, understanding and had such patience. The passion for her job is admirable and she makes every child feel so special. She is truly an incredible woman and the best teacher I have ever come across . So much love attentiveness respect for this woman.

Annalisa Shannen

She is the most kind, caring and innovative teacher I have come across.

Lisa McCarthy

I was overwhelmed with relief when I first met Renie Allen. My sensitive little man could not have had a better introduction to life at school. Her understanding, patience and compassion for our little people is obvious. Renie's innovative approach to teaching children through values should be part of the national curriculum. A truly unique and outstanding teacher, we are so lucky to have her in our school.

Melissa Horner

School is more than a curriculum, it is a place for children to be inspired and creative, to learn about themselves, others and the world around them. Renie is a teacher of knowledge, but she is so much more than that. Renie's enthusiasm, warmth and understanding allow a class of individuals to become a team and learn together. What a wonderful start to an educational journey.

Jenny Sandilands

Renne has taught my two of my three kids. She is a wonderful teacher, she had made the beginning of my kids schooling the most beautiful and enjoyable experience.

Andrea Silva

Renie's dedication and commitment to her job is just incredible. I love how she takes every opportunity as a learning opportunity whether it be through songs, books or just general conversation with the students on the mat! I feel very privelaged to have had Renie teach both my children and have great appreciation for the lifelong values she has taught them both. The love and care she has for each and every one of her students really is amazing!!

Melissa Harrison-Hall

Renie's dedication and commitment to her job is just incredible. I love how she takes every opportunity as a learning opportunity whether it be through songs, books or just general conversation with the students on the mat! I feel very privileged to have had Renie teach both my children and have great appreciation for the lifelong values she has taught them both. The love and care she has for each and every one of her students really is amazing!!

Melissa Harrison-Hall

Amazing teacher, role model, mentor, author, song writer, ukulele player and friend to all her students. Both my kids love her and just quietly so do I.

Lisa Durston

An amazing and passionate early childhood teacher who is devoted beyond the classroom to making a difference to so many young lives
Love your work Renie

John Murray

Mrs Allen was born to be a teacher! She is a warm and compassionate person and this filters through to all the children she teaches. My son loved having her as his kindy teacher. She truly deserves this recognition!

Eli Fong

Mrs Allen is the perfect person you would like your child to have as a first teacher. She is so kind, caring, cuddly and calls everyone 'beautiful'. This was just a fantastic introduction to my sons school life and he still talks fondly of her and always stops for a hug and a chat! She is one of the many amazing teachers we are lucky enough to have in our lives!

Nicola Fleet

Renie was the first teacher I worked with at Attadale Primary School . I've been at Attadale for 5 years now and owe my job to Renie . She's a loving a caring teacher and has her workers and students priorities of care as her first priority. My best introduction to being an education assistant.

Bronwyn Wadcock

Her kindness and respect for differences and uniqueness in her students

Gina Yoon

In 2004 my son attended Attadale Kindy he still has fond memories of Mrs Allen. A special end to the year was releasing butterflies to symbolise that our children had grown wings and were ready to fly...... in 2006 ny daughter attended the same kindy. During that time she became quite sick and spent a lot of time in hospital. Renie brought "work " to our house when attendance at school was difficult,she visited hospital, she made my daughter feel part of her class even when she wasn't there. Renie wrote a story with my daughter the main character, a heroine, showing the strength and courage she was displaying to get through her journey. Renie Allen you definitely touched our lives in an unforgettable manner. Thanks xx

Karen Ogilvie

Renie Allen is an amazing teacher and gives each child a great start to their school years. She sees the potential in each child and brings out the best in them. She is creative in her teaching style and she clearly adores children. My child did so well academically and socially, and had so much fun under her tutelage and for that, I will always be grateful to her. She's a great teacher and an amazing person!

Vinita Stanislaus

The kids just love her... my son was unsettled and always on the go..Renie showered the kids with love and support and always found their interest and their talent. My son now in high school and doing very well still talks about his kindergarten days..

Elizabeth Green

Renie Allen is a such a warm hearted, approachable teacher. My son took to her straight away, and she helped make his first day at kind less traumatic for me!!

Rebecca Mifsud

Renie has such dedication, love and companssion for the children she teaches. She is one of the best teachers my children have ever had the privilege of knowing. Her commitment is unparalleled and I wish her all the best with this award

jodie rowe

Renie Allen was the first face that my daughter saw when she started her schooling life. Oh my goodness what a beautiful face this was. This was 6 years ago and to this day Renie Allen remembers nearly every child she has taught, she still wants to know what they are doing and achieving. You couldn't ask for a better start to you child's schooling they all want to go to school. Thanks Renie for your dedication, support and love of your job. We had the best.

Yyvette Borgward

She is simply brilliant

Lynette Morley

Not a day goes by when I don't marvel at the brilliant teacher and person that is Renie Allen. She is so amazingly upbeat and positive and the genuine love she has for her students year in and year out is evident in everything she does. What a wonderful, caring, gentle, nurturing and loving soul who I have the priveldge to watch shape little people's lives in such an amazing way.

Wendy Parker

Mrs Allen was an amazing teacher. Funny, kind and empathetic towards all children. Her love and passion for children is wonderful to watch.

Helen Rosa

Renie was my daughter's introduction to school life at a difficult time in our family. Her love, thoughtfulness, care and intuition made for a smooth and beautiful transition for all of us. Her passion for teaching our students values is still as strong as it was in 2004 when I first met her. Now through her "Startrackers" programme our kids learn all the values through story and song .. love, courage, kindness, sharing, respect, caring, trust, biodiversity, cooperation, responsibility ... all the tools they will need through life. I have been privileged to work by Renie's side as her education assistant for a few years now. Our days are never dull, Renie's energy and passion in the classroom is contagious. I almost feel guilty to call it a job! Thanks Renie, your colleague and friend ?

Jo Harwood

I have been fortunate to have all my 3 children be guided under the wings of Mrs Allen. On the first day of school she makes each individual child feel special, adored and is the driving force behind their excitement to go to school, have fun, forge new friendships and be valued. Mrs Allen makes every parent and family feel the same. Her soft, gentle caring nature and enthusiasm for teaching and learning is THE BEST! Now that my children are older they still go back every year to visit Mrs Allen and her wonderful side kick Jo. I am forever grateful for her support and guidance.

Jacquie Paterson

Renie goes above and beyond for her students and makes each individual feel special

Teena Gardner

Renie Allen was my son's first teacher and he absolutely adored her. She was so interested in the life of each child in her care and listened intently to whatever they were telling her. She is such a caring and thoughtful teacher and person.

Penny Caminiti

I feel enormously privileged that my daughter's first experience with the school system was with the incredible Renie Allen and Jo Harwood (aka The Dream Team). Her passion, patience and genuine care for each and every child and family in her care is something truly special. She has the ability to bring out the best in all her students and provides them with such important social and emotional foundations through the implementation of her values program.

Joanne Graham-Smith

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