Rebecca Andrews messages of support.

Ursula Frayne Catholic College

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She's caring, compassionate, approachable and exudes an inner warmth that resonates with her students and peers.

Jason Carlier

Miss Andrews helps us and lets us have fun lessons. She is a kind hearted person with good intentions and a caring nature. She supports students and helps them through challenging times.

Claire Jelaca

Miss Andrews is honestly the best and most supportive teacher I have had in my 9 years of school.She is not only my english teacher but a wonderful mentor. Miss understands how each individual learns and sees learning opportunities in the most off-task conversations. She lets us explore the world of english and much more with freedom. With her help and support in and out of the classroom my personal outlook on school is much brighter. Thanks to Miss Andrews I actually look forward to most of my school days rather than shy away from them. English is and always will be my favourite subject thanks to Miss Andrews.

Ruby Mann

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