Rebecca Anderton messages of support.

Orange Grove Primary School

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My son has had a rough year socially. Rebecca has been there every step of the way helping where possible.

Sarah Kneale

Her understanding and support in dealing with my son's challenging behavior and the support I also receive from her in dealing and understanding him

Cindy Johnston

Because she is nice helps me learn

Caleb Johnston

Rebecca has impacted my son's life, with her job sharing role with Julie. Her individual attention to each students needs, makes their day to day experience positive and enjoyable. The care taken and the great communication between Rebecca and Julie is nothing short of AWESOME. Making each class member try their hardest. Helping them realise their strengths, going the extra mile to help them improve and unlock their unlimited potential, which some find hard to see including the student. The care taken to help guide and engage to make a well rounded student, both emotionally and academically, helps make me, as a parent so much easier. I'm really grateful, thank you so much

Lyndal Seaton

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