Rebecca Abdel-Nour messages of support.

Temple Christian College

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Mrs Abdel-Nour, is a nice and kind teacher. Who is always supporting to all students.

Aivy Ho

she is a sweet and caring teacher who will always support the students. She respects our opinions. she helps us to understand when help is needed. she isn't just a sweet and caring teacher but a kind person herself.

Chelsea Chiem

Mrs Abdel-Nour is the best English teacher I have ever had. She is very supportive and is an amazing teacher.

Brooklyn Smith

An amazing teacher, always kinda and willing to help

Chloe Porter

She's a kind teacher, that gives equal attention to everyone and values students' quality of education above everything else.

Nomi Lenir

I nominate Mrs Abdel-Nour because she is an amazing teacher to work with and gives back work on time.

Cathy Phung

Mrs. Abdel-Nour is a very supportive and kind hearted teacher.

Brooke F

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