Rachael Alexander messages of support.

Leumeah High School

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Rachael is not just a teacher. She's a mentor, councillor, friend, "mum," psychologist and more, wrapped up in the most beautful and caring person you'll meet. She's dedicated to help and guide her students not just through their studies but through life in general.

Her passion for the children is second to none. The time and effort put into the needs of the children weather that be in the classroom or out shows how dedicated she is to her profession and the needs of the next generation.

We need many more teachers like Rachael that aren't just in the job to teach - but instead to educate the children on their future and potential to make an impact in society. She's changing the lives of her students!

Nichole Alexander

Rachael is an inspiration to all that she meets. She is motivated, positive, energetic and passionate about her role as a teacher. The time and effort she puts in to making the lives of young people a more positive experience is amazing.

Mathew Reading

She is an asset to the community. Teachers do not get enough recognition. I am currently teaching my children as we travel. It such a hard yet rewarding job. I congratulate Rachel on her contribution to our next generation.

Suzie Wood

Rachael's passion for teaching is second to none. The care that she has for her students and their well being in and out of school is to be commended. The lives of the students who encounter Rachael as a teacher, will be touched by love, compassion and lessions of education but also life in general.

Melanie Mann

Rach's dedication and passion is clear to everyone who meets her. Her energy and enthusiasm radiates 100% of the time. She is such an inspiration.

Tracey Butcher

Rachael is one of the most motivational, inspirational and comitted teachers i have ever worked with. Her defication is evident in the amount of time she spends planning lessons and she would give up her own time at the drop of a hat to help one of her kids. She is selfless in her actions and first and foremost in her mind is always the best interest of her students. To say her students are lucky to have her is an understatement.

Rachelle Millers

As her mother Rachael has always been there for everyone else. From an early age she was always teaching others, in ways that were way above her years. Rachael will always look for ways to make people, of any age, feel better. The are you OK Day was designed by people like Rachael. She uses this motto every day. I know when she eventually finishes teaching, in years to come, her students will always remember her for all the right reasons. I wish there were more people out there like MY Rachael.

Suzanne Alexander

Rachel is one of the kindest, selfless and most inspirational person i know. She is a beautiful person and always puts everyone elses needs before her own. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a mentor and role model on their lives.

Nicole Carter

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