Rachael Adlington messages of support.

York Public School

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Mrs A always goes above and beyond in her daily duties
She is attentive to all her students and has proven she cares by taking the time to talk with the students and their families to get the best results
Most importantly she listens and modifies her lessons to meet the learning needs of all the students in her class
Until now my daughter was struggling with school, Mrs A recognised there was a problem, she took the time to identify the problem and then set up some strategies for her to practice and has turned her schooling experience into a positive one
Overall regardless if she is in the classroom, the playground, on a sports field or involved in any other curriculum activity it is very clear to anyone watching the students are her priority

Emma Buchanan

If u have any problems or concerns she's there for u and helps in every way she can no matter what

Samantha Batten

I'm voting for Mrs Adlington because I do believe our school is a brighter place for having her in our school she really cares for the children at york and encourages them to have confidence and to just give it a go!

Lisa Richardson

Rachael is hard working, dedicated, passionate, caring and loved by everyone. She has taught two of my children at a point where they really needed someone to believe in them and build up their self esteem. My younger son was struggling and wasn't at the stage of learning he was supposed to be at. She taught him to try his best and that he could achieve greatness. I believe that it is Rachael who has given my children great foundations for learning. She knows her students well and see them as individuals. She strives to provide each child with the knowledge and confidence to fufill their potential. The environment she creates in her classroom is fun, interesting, challenging and inclusive. I hope that my children get to have her as their teacher again.

Renee Hall

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