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Victoria Park State School

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She makes me enjoy school. We get to do heaps of fun new things and she is funny.

Linsi Satinie

Sending my son to school at only 4 was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. Is he ready? Will he behave?, will he listen? The first day I met Nicole Arvidson I knew my son would have a wonderful first year of school. Her beautiful kind nature and happy spirit spreads through her class and shows by the look on her students face as they greet her in the morning. Every afternoon there are kids from older grades that Nicole has previously taught that come down to say hi and get that cheery "hello" which makes their day. My son is learning so much and both my husband and I are extremely proud of him. Nicole really encourages the kids in a delightful manner that they respond to. My son constantly tells me that school is his favourite place and I know that Nicole is to thank. Cheers

Kate Kynaston

I like her happy face and beautiful hair. Mrs Arvidson reads good books and is fun. She helps me learn. I love school.

Ryder Kynaston

Nicole had both my sons when they were in prep, as they moved through the years her ongoing support is unbelievable always going above and beyond her duties of a past teacher to help, comfort, support not only the kids but parents as well...

Patricia Weber

Nicole Arvidson has to be the best teacher I have come across. Having 3 adult children that done schooling in numerous states and now with 5 grandchildren and 4 in school. Nicole has had my 2 grandsons and both having had a hard time a first and there wasn't a day go by that she didn't make every child in her class feel very special. I would love her to go up in years to have the boys again but reality these precious little preps need her the most. A fantastic kickstart to school life for any child that is lucky enough to have her as their teacher. Parents and other family members are treated with the same respect as the beautiful little ones she teaches.

Lavene Keating

Nicole Arvidson is a wonderful teacher. The joy she brings to my grandson with her beautiful nature and outstanding teaching methods is remarkable. I'm so glad he loves school. Thanks Nicole

Liane Saunders

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