Nerida Atkinson messages of support.

Ipswich Girls Grammar School

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Mrs Atkinson is not only an amazing teacher in the classroom, but is also supportive, friendly and fun outside the classroom. Mrs A also ensure that all of her students have the best chance of success in Music, or anything else. She constantly gives up her own time, running tutorials and ensembles, to develop the music program and help to make sure no student falls behind. Mrs A is always willing to help with any problems her students may have socially or emotionally, along with school work in general. Mrs Atkinson is the best teacher ever!

Ashleigh Richardson

Mrs Atkinson aka "Super Duper Agent A" puts so much effort into my education and ensures that IGGS music students love their time in the classroom. Her lessons are engaging and always keep students interested. Mrs Atkinson's motivating and inspiring nature comforts all students when entering the classroom. "Agent A" holds tutorials all term and is open to seeing students in other break times, as well as offering support and guidance like a parent would.
I believe Super Duper Agent A should win a teacher award as her staff room is outdated and she deserves the world as she gives her students much more.

Lauren Baguley

Mrs Atkinson literally makes my day better. She inspires me to do better in music. She is cheerful, caring and compassionate.

holly harding

Mrs Atkinson always brightens up my day! Her positive nature and attitude to learning music makes classes fun! She is very kind and considerate to all of her students and deserves this award more than any other, because she truly makes hundreds of students day's better. LOVE YOU MRS A!!!

Ruby E

She makes every ones day better and is the best teacher in the entire world therefore I believe she deserves a new staff room with good phone service and a great desk.

Ashleigh Alonso Stafford

Mrs A is the best teacher in the world

Sarah Peck

Mrs Atkinson is just absolutely amazing but her staffroom is not and her staff room needs to match her personality. She deserves the world.

Lauren Spelleken

Mrs Atkinson is the best teach because she is sooooooooo nice to every single student and she makes every lesson fun even if you are not so good at music. Every day she smiles and makes every student feel happy and welcome. Everything about Mrs A. is AMAZING

Hannah Dymalla

Mrs A is so amazing, but sadly her staffroom does not match her amazing-ness :(((( PLEASE NOMINATE HER SO SHE CAN HAVE A GREAT CLASSROOM!!!


EVERYTHING ABOUT MRS A IS AMAZING. She's super fun and makes coming to school worthwhile. Mrs A's bright personality and fun approach to teaching makes her amazing!

Jenn Cosford

Mrs A is AMAZING :) Music classes are full of fun and they are a safe and happy place where we can be funny, express ourselves and have a laugh. We learn lots and have a lot of fun. We can come to her if we have an issue and she makes us feel better and supported. Mrs A is an amazing teacher, and she deserves an amazing staff room ;) Mrs A goes above and beyond for all of her students, and she deserves this award.

Evangeline Sturges

Mrs A is the best teacher in the school. She is an extremely supportive, funny, helpful teacher who is always available to help any student, even if the student does not complete music. She understands everything and is always the possible shoulder to cry on and pick you up when you fall. Her smile and really funny jokes when you are in the classroom will make a rainy day go away. She is absolutely amazing! Her staff room however is the complete opposite. It desperately needs an update!

Emily Kitching

I have known her since I was in grade 8, and she has been the best music teacher I have ever had. She is the happiest teacher and she always motivates us. She always makes the day better. When it is music, it is a great day.

Amy Anthony

I am nominating Mrs. A as she is a very good teacher in all regards. She is kind and encouraging as well as a supportive but is still proficient at teaching. She always makes sure we are well prepared for a test and is lots of fun to be around. Mrs. A is just awesome.

Louisa Bernoth-Doolan

Mrs A is the best teacher ever. She supports her students with issues both inside and outside of class, as well as creating a fun learning environment that allows students to be creative free of judgement and in the most enjoyable ways possible.

Kirsten Brown

She is just the best teacher in the entire world. She deserves a new staff room with great phone reception. She also deserves a new desk.

Ashleigh Grace

Mrs Atkinson is a teacher who inspires, motivates and excells her students. She makes learning enjoyable and fun. She feels more like a fun person to be around than a teacher and thats really awesome.

Jooeeel McJoelface

Only good teachers can take a hand, open a mind and touch a heart. Mrs Atkinson takes the hand for students who need support and help, opens the minds of students for new knowledge to help them in the future, and she touches the hearts of the people around her. Her humorous and compassionate nature, and her love for the benefit for other's wellbeing and her supportive personality really makes any day better!

Georgina Peters

SHE IS AMAZING. A wonderful teacher.

Lucy Dymalla

She is amazing and has supported my daughter through the rough times. If my daughter needed support she was always there and would always listen. She is absolutely amazing and deserves this award.

Leanne Maree

She is just the best. She is super funny and kind. She is super awesome and deserves a new staff room and a fantastic desk.

Ashleigh A. Stafford

She is such an AMZING teacher!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah Dymalla

Mrs. Atkinson is my all time favorite teacher. It is that simple. In fact, she is almost as cool as CameraDancer100 and Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette combined. She makes Lin Manuel-Miranda seem like a novice at composition and musicology. She really needs to win, so she can have a new staff room. I am so proud to have her as my teacher!

Charlotte-Lilly Andersen

She is such a wonderful, supportive teacher that is so amazing. She gives students the world and more.

Sarah Morl

no words can describe how amazing she is.

Hannah Dymalla

Because she is the BEST EVA!!! :) she is so kind and supportive and has the best teaching methods. Mrs A has (quote), "too much fun as a teacher," however this benefits all of us, allowing us to have a brain break from other classes.

Kirsten Browniepoints

She is almost as amazing as aliens. And not much is cooler than aliens. I also feel as if she could take over the world just like aliens. However, if she did take over the world she would not harm a music class, therefore everyone should take music with Mrs A.

Alexander Hamilton

She is absolutely amazing and deserves this award!

Emily Maree


Mrs A rocks...

She plays dodgeball with her students if they get too sassy...

She picks cool songs for us to listen to...

Mrs A has better style than lots of people... She should be a Vogue editor... but I don't think she will because she loves teaching too much...

She watches funny singing fails and often laughs with us...

Mrs Atkinson should win this award because she is the most deserving!!

Captain America

such an awesome teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah Dymalla

She is absolutely amazing and deserves this award!

Emily Maree

Atkinson. What is an Atkinson? It's teaching a music class and being amazing.

Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier Marquis de Lafayette

I nominate Mrs A for best teacher because she is nice, always has a smile on her face. Mrs A also is a great teacher she creates amazing lesson and wants you to learn. She also has fun and dances and sings. She likes everyone and wants us to be great in the world. If on teacher should get the best teacher its Mrs A she is my favorite teacher and i have had lots of teachers. I am in grade 8 and i have only had ones and she has change my world. I like Mrs A because she will say hey to you when your not in class. That's why i chose Mrs A

Caitlin Whaley

Dear Mr. Hamilton: your fellow Fed’ralists would like to know how you’ll be voting
Dear Mr. Hamilton: John Adams doesn’t stand a chance, so who are you promoting?
If you had to choose? If you had to choose?
'Mrs. Atkinson has my vote!'

A. Ham

How does Hamilton, an arrogant immigrant, orphan some how endorse Nerida Atkinson, his superior from the beginning, just to stop me from winning! I've been kept from the (staff) room where it happens for the last time.

A. Burr

She gave the confidence I needed to perform live in front of my peers and other audiences outside of the comfort of school. She also helped when in dodgeball.

Quinn and ROry Vowen

Mrs A or Mrs Awesome is everyone's favorite music teacher. She makes all lessons fun and exciting. Shes the teacher who everyone yells hello to in the halls as she is one of the nicest, kindest, most understanding and the funniest out of all the teachers.

Rebecca Gough

Mrs Atkinson is such an amazing enthusiastic teacher. She is constantly seeking to push and assist her students. She is so encouraging and makes lesson insightful and enjoyable. She is purely amazing at what she does and all of her students love her to bits.

Annette Olyslagers

She is such a kind-hearted teacher who always care about her students and understand their needs. I enjoy having her lesson.

Helen Au

She always make us laugh every lesson and always talks about something new each day even though we don't have a lesson on that day.

Jelena Lowe

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