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Undurba State School

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I believe some people are born to do something great in the world & that's what Michelle is doing as a Prep teacher. Before kids even start Prep she sends them a letter in January filled with glitter introducing herself, reassuring the kids & letting them know she cannot wait to meet them.

Then not only during Prep but for the rest of their school years always has a special place in her heart for them. Her door is open as a safe zone or even for a hi 5 or cuddle.

She puts so much of her own time & money into teaching, loving, caring & nuturing children. She is not only an amazing teacher but an exceptional human being.

Brenda Centrih

She is amazing.. and she actually cares for each student.. picked up my daughters eye problems and she goes above and beyond.. organizing the local pet shop to bring in farm animals and reptiled. On bookweek she dresses up with miss mary as teacher 1 and teacher 2... goes above and beyond. Love her. My daughter had her last year... and wanted her back!

Leichelle Mcmahon

Michelle is a 1 in a million teacher. She is supportive of and caring to each child and parent in her class. All 3 of my boys have had her and the passion and dedication that I saw with my prep child last year was exactly the same as when she had my oldest boy 5 years ago.
My boys know that they can go to her classroom to just say hi and my youngest loves to drop by for a cuddle on the way to year 1.
Thanks for being such an amazing teacher xx

Amy Brooks

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