Melissa Alexander messages of support.

St Johns Anglican College

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I am nominating Miss Alexander because she is an awesome teacher and makes our lessons fun by being very happy all the time.

Samantha Gillies

Ms Alexander always puts up with 7R, she deserves appreciation. (yay)

Holly Dinh

Ms Alexander is a great teacher as she teaches well and always makes class as interactive as possible. Her in-class discussion involving real-world events makes the class more engaging and enjoyable. She also leaves enough room for us to study ourselves which helps me learn as well as giving us enough information on most things. Her class is overly enjoyable and I learn a lot in her classes.

Hale Pham

Ms. Alexander is an amazing and enthusiastic teacher who never fails to wear a smile to class. She has such a pure spirit and genuinely cares for each and every one of her students. While maintaining a fun atmosphere in all her classes she never lets people step out of line. By using a range of different techniques such as re-enacting, visual literacy and note taking techniques. Outside of the classroom, she continues to light up our school with her vibrant personality and volunteers for community events while running the LEO's (Lion's Club) group at our college. Her enthusiasm has broadened the impact of the group and increased the number of participants. Ms. Alexander is not only an asset to our school but to the community.

Jasmin Shearer

she is lit
thanks for being lit

Brandon Weidenbohm

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