Meg Alexander messages of support.

Camberwell South Primary School

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How to fit Ms A into 800 words!Here goes. Ms A goes above and beyond always for the kids. Her class is beautifully and creatively decorated, very proudly, with all the kids work and has a very welcoming open door policy to their leaning space. She has an amazing connection with the kids and is able to maintain balance between kids, parents and general classroom activities extremely well and professionally.
The kids are actively engaged with her teaching style and their input always encouraged. Ms A inspires the kids to be the best they can be and to try their hardest but at the same time nurtures them and their feelings respectfully. Ms A is phenomenal at showing the kids where to look but not what to see-encouraging imagination and individuality. There is no one more deserving than Ms A.

Lisa Simpson

I'm nominating Meg because of the time she takes to get to know her students individually and the commitment she makes to providing them with meaningful learning experiences.

Giulia Bruno

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