Mary Anderssen messages of support.

Charleville School of Distance Education

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Mrs Anderssen is the best teacher as she will do everything that she can to help her students out with what ever she can help with.

Akierraleigh Denton

My Maths teacher Miss Anderssen.
This year has been my first time I had ever had to do home school, but not only that this is my first year of high school Year 7. I remember being very scared of being on school of the air and not knowing what to do. But the day before I started I had a phone call from Miss Anderssen introducing her self (and even sending me a video to show me what she looked like) and taking me step by step on how to log onto the internet and get into my class. I always look forward to my Maths lessons and learning. Miss Anderssen has been a very supportive teacher at a time when I had KNOW idea what I was doing and I am very grateful that one teacher could take time out to introduce herself to me before school even started.

Riley Wilson

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