Luke Aldred messages of support.

Chelsea Heights Primary School

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Mr Aldred has given my son in his first year of formal education the spark and curiosity to learn new things. He always has a smile on his face and has a calm friendly manner. He keeps me informed with what is happening in the classroom and is very approachable. I am so happy my son has Luke this year as he has certainly planted a seed and created a passionate learner with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He is a wonderful teacher.

Shelby Henning

Paula is always going out of her way to help students

Jan Clements

Luke is my daughters teacher and on this little new prep's first day of after school care, the providers system failed and the dismissing teacher was also unaware that Isabelle was to be collected by the after hours provider. My understanding of events was that Luke went looking for my daughter and found her playing on the play ground on her own. Had it not been for his initiative, it scares me to think where she would have ended up. I hope to find more attentive, responsive and proactive teachers like him on my daughters educational journey.

Philippa Lee-Treloar

My daughter has a lot of respect for Mr Aldred, she talks about him all the time & he is a great role model to her. He is so patient & im amazed when I'm in class to help with how well he keeps the class in line & happy. Thank you for helping Milli settle in to her 1st year at school so smoothly!

Melissa Towns

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