Lauren Andrew messages of support.

Horsham West-Haven Primary School

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Miss Andrew always helped us be confident in who we are and made us want to learn. She adjusted classes and the ways she taught certain things for different kids, as she understood that not everyone learns in the same ways. She would challenge you and extend you if you were up to it, so you were never bored and enjoyed yourself. She was awesome! In fact the best teacher I have ever had, and four years on I have heard the same reports from all the children that have been in her class since! She undeniably derserves an award for the amazing things that she does for the children she teaches.

Morgan Lane

She is a kind and funny teacher, she makes learning fun. She cares about the students as well as staff.

Wil Tippet

If you asked my children which teacher has been the most important person in their primary school, the answer would be Miss Andrew. She is funny, fair and gets the best out of every student. I'm blessed she has been part of my children's education.

Jo Lane

Miss Andrews always went above and beyond to help each child with ideas catered just for them. She understood all kids learn differently. She is such a positive, upbeat teacher, my daughter loved having her in grade 4.

Louise Puls

Miss Andrew has taught both of my children and she has had a huge impact on their learning and enjoyment of school. She makes learning fun for the kids and makes them want to extend themselves. From a parents point of view she was approachable, caring and respectful in every interaction I ever had with her. There is a reason my kids loved having her as their teacher - Miss Andrew makes school and learning FUN!

Lisa Fitzgerald

Miss Andrew is the best! I had her for Year 4 and it was the best year of primary school I've had. She is so kind, fair and loves a good joke. And while being really cool, she made learning so fun. All my peers would agree if I asked them. From my eyes she has won this in a landslide.

Riley Lane

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