Katie Apedaile messages of support.

Cassia Primary School

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Katie is a wonderful teacher and shows so much care and enthusiasm towards her students. My daughter loves being in her class and often tells me she wants to be a teacher like Mrs Apedaile when she grows up. I also love how is parents are kept in the loop with what goes on during the day.

Kathryn Rob

Katie has been a dedicated educator of children. She is passionate, patient, and positive influence. She sees the best in all. Her heart is 100% behind her teaching. You would be very lucky to have Katie as a care giver to your child.

Del Wheatland

Katie's personality & ability to focus on nurturing young minds is second to none. As a young parent herself she is an inspiration to others. Great stuff Katie. Good luck.

Dale Smith

Katie has a warm and caring personality this I believe is what makes her a great teacher. You only have to see how she is with her own young family nurturing their curiosity of the world around them and allowing them to explore their individual interests.

Teresa Mathers

Watching Katie over the years in teaching and seeing her strive to be the best at her ability she has grown such a passion. I have never met someone so passionate about her teaching and being around children. I would vote Katie as she is pure and loves her job.

Kirsty Mathers

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