Jo Appleby messages of support.

St Finn Barr's Catholic School

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She is intelligent, practical and organised which has allowed an easy transition to a new school for both my daughter and I.

Melanie Leef

I am nominating Mrs Appleby/Bird because she is a kind and supportive teacher. I believe she has helped my son come along away with his social anxiety, it is only second term and he has come out his shell alot and isnt as afraid to approach other children.

Tony Sil

Jo is an amazing person and teaching is part of her everyday being. Jo taught my son in Prep and he loves her, he will still go and visit Jo's classes and tell the smaller kids that Mrs Appleby is the best teacher and that they should listen to her and behave. This is a major part of having a teacher that makes a difference in a child's life. Thank you Jo for all that you do, you are amazing.

Toni Rosier

Always willing to help you, assist you if you are having trouble with children in my child's class, keeps me informed how my child is doing.

Karen Binns

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