Jo Allingham messages of support.

Pakenham Hills Primary School

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I would like to nominate Mrs Jo as she has been an amazing teacher, which I have been fortunate enough to have a few times during Primary School. The hours she puts in has really been appreciated. I have learnt so much from her and everyone in my class just loves to be around her. SHE IS THE BEST TEACHER EVER! She has interesting ideas for us to learn in a fun way, and she is a true inspiration, not just to me but every one of her students. I have never had a teacher who is so loving and caring.

Angelica Starakis

I have had mrs jo for a few years at primary school and she always makes me feel good about myself and gives me a lot of confidence. She makes every day special and different and makes me want to go to school everyday, and if I could choose my teacher I would have her all the time.

Andrew Fudge

She is awesome and stuff .. she does multiple jobs around the school and teachers the best students in the school

Chloe Toull

Mrs Jo Allingham, has made a significant positive impact in our sons life, not only in his learning but also in his personal and leadership development.

She has guided, encouraged and driven his growth in all areas of his learning and development.

Mrs Jo. encourages and supports individual and team learning.

My sons development and achievements are a tribute to Mrs Jo's ability to identify individual learning needs and formulate engaging strategies to drive great outcomes.

We have had Mrs Jo for 3 out 7 years of schooling and this has seen my son grow into a confident, high achieving leader.

Not only a day made better, but a lifelong love of learning and development.

Thank you Jo, with deep gratitude and appreciation for all you do.

Katharine Beech

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