Jenny Armit messages of support.

The Willows State School

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Mrs Armit is a devoted, fun, amazing teacher. She is kind, gentle and empathetic to all her students. As a parent of a child in her class I can see that she genuinely enjoys assisting every childs individuality and she doesn't hesitate to embraces their uniqueness. My son is so lucky to have her as his first teacher for his school journey as she has showed him so much support and guidance and helped him to strive to amazing heights. She has this patient passion for teaching and she genuinely wants every child to achieve their best. . My son is so lucky to be with her this year! You are an amazing teacher Mrs Armit and I can proudly call you my sons teacher and I know my son looks up to you and loves coming to school and class because of you and the school environment he is in.

Melissa Thorburn

We are lucky enough to have Mrs Armit as our daughters prep teacher. This is our families first experience of primary school and it has been great. I can't be more grateful with the way she has supported our daughter through the beginning of her education journey. Mrs Armit has a great way with the kids.

Leanne Hardacre

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