Jade Aims messages of support.

Greenfields Primary School

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Mrs Aims is always smiling and makes me feel happy, Thank you Mrs Aims for making everyday brighter

Jasmine Mccormack

Jade is an extremely passionate Deputy Principal with a genuine priority of achieving the very best for Greenfields Primary and most importantly the students. She is not afraid to step out of the average comfort zone to get things done, for the students of Greenfields Primary.

Anne-Louise Newnham

Ever since my first day teaching at Greenfields, Jade has always made herself approachable and reachable to assist myself in any task no matter how big or small. As a graduate teacher this support has played a huge role in the beginning stages of my career and I couldn't be more appreciative.

Felicia Houlahan

Jade Aims is a passionate educator who invests in the community and students that she works in. Jade motivates and uplifts not only her students but her collegiate family as well. She often sees the things that we as teacher don't see in ourselves and has helped me believe in myself as an educator as well as motivate me to be the best version of me that I can be.

Jade is passionate about providing students with the best education that is possible. She carries out her duties with integrity and you will not meet a more loyal person than Mrs Aims. The only thing she wants and is driven for is the best outcome for her students.

Greenfields is lucky to have such a dedicated and passionate person on staff.

Christine Bruens

Jade is dedicated to making our school a better place. She provides me with an array of ideas to improve my teaching practice. As a graduate teacher, this knowledge is priceless! I'm glad we have such genuine and caring staff at our school.

Rachel Bateman

Jade Aim is an inspiring, innovative and passionate Acting Principal. Jade conducts herself in a professional manner and sets high expectations for herself, her colleagues and her students. Jade has developed strong relationships within the school community and she is well respected. Jade is commited to public education and continues to build the capacity of the staff around her. The students' love Mrs Aim's firm but fair approach to leadership. Jade shows compassion for those around her. I have learned so much from working side by side with Jade and I thank her for all the support she gives me to become a better leader. Greenfields Primary School is extremely fortunate to have someone as dedicated as Jade.

Lara Patching

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