Gregory Abell messages of support.

Sunnybank Hills State School

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I nominated Mr ABELL because he was such an awesome teacher since grade 3. He is really funny, kind, interesting and has the BEST sense of humour. Although I am in high school now, Mr ABELL really brightened my primary school journey, and prepared me for my high school journey.

Chloe Chrsitofan

Mr Abell was an awesome teacher to all of my peers, and myself. I had an extremely fun year being in Mr Abell's class, and he made class so interesting and everyday I looked forward to going to school because I knew I'd learn so much and have so much fun. Mr Abell made my school years so much cooler!

Yuliana Chen

Mr Abell really made my grade three year an enjoyable time. He has the best sense of humour and was always enthusiastic and encouraging. He uses prizes and games to motivate students to work, which was highly effective. He was also the best soccer coach I ever had. At first I was unsure about doing soccer, however, Mr Abell introduced me to the sport. In the end, soccer became my favourite sport. Mr Abell truly brightened my primary school years.

Sammi Chih

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