Ghassan Abbas messages of support.

Granville South Creative and Performing Arts High School

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What makes Mr Abbas the greatest teacher in the world is his genuine drive to ensure all of his students not only enjoy school/class, but also effectively gain a new insight every single lesson. Mr Abbas is an amazing teacher who has guided me since year 10. His consistent efforts in class and pep talks has allowed me to change from a young student who could barely put an essay together or come to school, into class of 2k17's respected school captain who is topping all of her classes. Thanks to Mr Abbas I have not only Improved my grades but I have also remodelled my every day behaviour in and out of school for the better. So, thank you dearly Mr Abbas and I truly hope that you get the privilege of obtaining this title as it is very deeply deserved ! :)

Allanah Macatangay

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