Gavin Arnold messages of support.

Taabinga State School

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Gavin is a truly dedicated, focused and hard-working teacher who always puts in 100%. He is one of the most dependable and honest teachers who makes all decisions to benefit his students. Gavin has influenced many teachers and students and deserves recognition for the work that he does every single day.

Mr Reis

Mr arnold has supported and encouraged my son from the very first day of term 1. My son is a very likeable kid and gets distracted very easily - especially by the older children. Mr arnold has found both my sons strengths and weaknesses and really supports him in strengthening his strengths and encouraging him into choosing better options with his weaknesses. As a teacher i find my son looks up to him as that male role model in school and was so excited that mr arnold took time out of his weekend to travel to my sons sporting event to watch and encourage him on the field. My son was so excited that Mr Arnold was there.
Thats an amazing teacher not only in my eyes but my sons eyes as well.

Deb Hannessen

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