Erin Albertini messages of support.

Gilmore College

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Erin is a supportive colleague and an inspirational teacher. Her passion for teaching History is felt by those around her and her students respect and appreciate her. She puts in many extra hours to make sure that her students achieve the best possible educational outcomes. She is a great friend as well.

Lesley Brown

She supports her students in everything that they do even after they leave her class. She cares deeply for everyone and works super hard to help them achieve their goals. She's always looking for different ways to help them and excursions that could help. She's emotionally invested in her career, her students and the things she is teaching.

Larra Brown-Risk

She's amazing and always makes all her students do the best they can. She's an amazing teacher who works very hard so her students can do their very best

Luci Hipper-Smith

Miss A is my single most favourite teacher who has ever taught me. Never before have I seen such pure love and dedication pour out of a single person. All of my classes with her have been exceptionally rewarding and informative, and still somewhat fun, despite the often sombre content we were learning about. Stay strong Miss, I can honestly say that I want to be you growing up. Thanks for helping us through Year 11, I couldn't think of anyone more deserving.

Lachlan Brameld

I have had miss A twice once in year 8 and again in year 11 for ATAR history and in both occasions, i have never seen a teacher more passionate, enthusiastic and excited about teaching, nay any person more excited about anything than miss A is about history

brandon shaw

Miss Albertini never fail to amaze me. Her fervent passion, her devotion and how deeply she feels for what and who she teaches is stupendous. I don't mind getting lost in whatever ever era as she teaches. I have never met a teacher as avid and passionate as Miss Albertini.

Cath D

Because she us nice and always helping out

Royce Corrie

I am nominating my teacher because she kind, caring, helpful teacher, that can do the impossible

Caitlin Burns

"You're an amazing teacher and always pushed me to do my best. Thank you, you deserve a lot <3 "

Danielle Te Puni

Really good history lessons and is energetic and gets kids interested in the work

jervez bewley

good history teacher knows a lot about world war 1 and 2 and events that happened during the 1900's.

jack noon

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