enrico altavilla messages of support.

Roxburgh College

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Enrico is very helpful and giving of his time. He regularly runs lunchtime school concerts which the students love. On many occasions everyday he builds up students confidence and enthusiasm for all things educational. Many of these things go unnoticed but you will not find a student he has taught say a bad word about him.

john vaselogiannacopoulos

Enrico is a chill teacher ready to help when you are in need. He has helped me a lot with my music and problems. He's very comfortable to talk to and I appreciate his funny remarks. They always make you laugh even when upset.

Katrin Dubovski

He is the best teacher he is amazing always there for u and a great teacher overall cheers cody

Cody Meyer

Mr Altavilla has supported me from the first day i walked into his classroom. He will do anything for his students, he goes above and beyond to help as many students in the school. Enrico encourages the students to fulfil their aspirations and makes sure they have the help and support they need. He constantly checks up on his students to always insure they're mentally well and doing good in their work. He always offers help regardless of how busy he may be. Majority of students adore Enrico for what he has done to help everyone. He is so understanding and supportive. I nominate Enrico Altavilla for being the best teacher any student could have

Sara Gurkavak

He is caring, respectful and loving towards everyone no matter their race, beliefs etc. He always asks students if they are okay, how they are going, and if they need anything to get by. He shows support no matter what. He is also an excellent teacher, due to him explaining the task properly, answering questions properly, and only being strict when needed. He is very intelligent, responsible and funny. He has helped me and been there for me since the beginning, when noone else was. He has always supported me and helped me no matter what. He has always showed that he cares about me, and that he will continue to.

Catherine Palavras

Mr Altavilla is funny,smart and educated in subjects he doesn't teach he is always there to help you and will strive to help you achieve your best he truly is not just a teacher he is also a friend.

Gabriel Dinc

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