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Springfield Lakes State School

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Di is a wonderful teacher the children adore her and look forward to coming to school to see what fun and exciting new things Mrs Albert has for them to learn each day. She is caring but firm she is loving and kind and extremely patient and always friendly and welcoming. Mrs Albert is truly a teaching gem and deserves to be recognized for all the effort and endless hard work she put into preparing our beautiful children for the years ahead.

Joanne Hewerdine

Di is amazing, she has settled my daughter into school life with her caring personality, structure and the ability to know how to best get my child to perform. Schooling life for my preppy has been great, with her wanting to return to see what is next. Di has been a positive start to my child's school life that I am so thankful for.

Kelly Blume-Webb

Di has had my daughter Abigail in her class for two years. She has helped my daughter grow and flourish academically, socially and emotionally through love, care and persistence and professionalism. She has supported us at the beginning of Abigail's learning journey and we thank her for that. Kids love her in class and she is there for all of them. An amazing commitment and clever teacher. Di thanks for all you do.

Carolyn Holt

Di is such a wonderful teacher! All the children love Mrs Albert. Di always puts the interests of her students first. She creates such a sense of belonging in her class where the children know there are rules to follow and that there are jobs to be done. She inspires all her children with her true passion for teaching and creates a warm, welcoming learning environment for them all. Di is an amazing teacher and taught my son Max in his first year at school. She so deserves to be recognised for all her hard work, effort and commitment she puts into her teaching! Wishing you all the luck and thank you Di!

Sarah Macdonald

Mrs Albert nurtures each and every child in her class as her own and children feel secure and confident to do their best. She is always well-organised and has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she tirelessly utilises each and every day. It is easy to see the passion that she has for her job and it is infectious- the children in her class love coming to school and are excited to learn. We are amazed to see how much our child has learnt and how she has grown in confidence over the last 6 months. Mrs Albert has surpassed all expectations that we have for a teacher.

Naomi Trigg

Di is a gift. She makes every little person in her room feel like they are the most important and most loved. She can seamlessly balance the individual needs of twenty something little people with a variety of strengths, weaknesses and needs. For my son she is 'that teacher' against whom all others are to be forever measured.

Mel Cherry

Having worked with Di in the past, I'm not surprised she has been nominated for A Day Made Better. She is a highly dedicated teacher who celebrates her students achievements in and out of the classroom. She encourages parents to join in the learning journey of each of her students and allows every student feel a sense of success in every lesson. Di isn't just a friend to me, she has also been a mentor when I started at our school. I'm in awe of her dedication and the vested interest she has for all of her students both past and present. She makes me want to be a better teacher too. Thanks for being an inspiration to your colleagues and students Di. You definitely make our day better.

Teresa Morgan

My son started the Prep with many issues that an ASD child would typically have, such as speech delay, poor motor skill, lack of social skills, and sensory issues, etc. From day one the school Mrs Albert won my son's heart and mind with her charming personality and professional teaching. She became the reason that my son go to school enthusiastically day in day out. She is what motivated my son to overcome fear and anxiety to participate class activities and learn. With the help of the teacher aid Sue and the SEP teachers Mrs Wilton and many others, she has completed transformed my son. Today, Owen is almost a different person - confident, able, independent, most importantly happy. I feel blessed.

Philip Tian

I am Grandmother of student in prep b. I take Grand daughter to school sometimes and have helped with school excursion. I have found Di Albert to be an amazing teacher and goes out of her way for all her students. She is a natural, kind, loveling and gives 110 percent of herself. She also has an amazing sense of humour and sees the best in each child.

Janis Poole

I live in S.A while visiting my Grandaughter Evelyn i was invited by Mrs Albert to spend the day in the classroom. This was a fantastic
experience. The patience. Caring, sense of humor Mrs Albert shows is amazing. Every child is made to feel special this shows as all chn are eager to answer her questions. There are challenging chn in the class and she has a special gift of turning their behavior into something positive. Her Love and understanding of each child shows what a very very special teacher she is.

Jill Trigg

Di brings a happy joyous attitude to her classroom. My daughter was really lucky to have her as a teacher in Prep last year. I do not think she would of done as well without this attitude.
Di is awesome she makes anyone that walks into her class room feel welcome.

Sioban Peters

She is always supportive and nice.Also she is always encouraging my son to be the best and have made a positive difference in him.

Verna Papa

Mrs Albert was one of those people whose calling in life is teaching. I am in awe of the work she has done with her prep students in order to enable each of them to flourish. Her enthusiasm and positive outlook on life is evident and reflects in her classroom atmosphere. My daughter admires Mrs Albert and looks forward to each day and the new adventures that await. She has made my daughter's first year at school a memorable one.

Jessica Gossner

In would like to nominate Di Albert for this years "A day made better" for so many reasons. Mrs Albert consistently exhibits an amazing degree of dedication and enthusiasim to not only the students and partents never forgetting grandparent's also. It is a privilage to capture glimpses of her work on drop of and pick up. Her tireless efforts and even the odd dojo message at 1230am is inspiring, and again just goes to show the level of comitment she has to the students, school and parents. I can not thank Mrs Albert and Mrs Sue for the amazing work they do, and could not be happier that my daughter Evelyn in her classroom. My daughter has grown form a shy young lady to a confident participating student under Di's supervision, and has academicaly flourished. Congratulations Di. Dr L Trigg

Lee Trigg

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