Clair Allan messages of support.

Peregian Springs State School

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Clair is such a knowledgeable and caring teacher. She goes above and beyond for her students. I am very lucky to be able to work with her. I hear her students actively engaged and always having fun learning. She put in a phenomenal amount of extra hours. She is very highly regarded in the Prep team and our school.

She embeds technologies in her learning tasks and is running a one to one iPad class. She helps other teachers by mentoring and coaching. Clair is heavily involved in STEM and is currently working with girls at our school flying drones. She genuinely wants all students in her class to be successful and endeavors to make an impact on their learning journey. She never stops innovating, creating and achieving. Every school needs a 'Clair'.

Danae Steer

Clair Allan is an amazing, supportive and caring teacher to my little boy. She goes above and beyond to make sure our kids are happy and learning the most they possibly can. No child is left behind.

Bridget Finlayson

Mrs Allan, you inspire and amaze us all, each and everyday!!! Your love for what you do shines through your Little Learners!!! You are truly incredible!!!

Jess Birss

Sometimes I think Clair is actually Super Woman. Her level of organisation, energy and enthusiasm never appear to wane. She makes every day an exciting learning adventure for her students, and they always rise to the challenge!

Rose Marszalek

Clair is an AMAZING teacher, her approach to helping the students with their individual learning needs is impeccable. She has taught most of my four kids and they all love school and love to learn.

Skye McLachlan

Mrs Allan is the quintessential Prep teacher. She is bubbly and energetic but also gentle and nurturing. She manages to strike that perfect balance between encouraging the kids to strive for greatness without making them feel stressed or pressured. She goes that extra mile every single time! How does she do it and make it all look so easy while being super glamorous as well? Hats off to you, Mrs Allan.

Kate Lorback

Claire is such a fantastic teacher. I do not understand where she gets all her energy from. The amount of effort and enthusiasm she puts into each day is outstanding. I just wish I was young enough to be in her class:)

Alison Leitch

As a Preppy Grandmother I'm amazed at how far Clair is willing to go to make her class love school. These are the foundations for life long learning.


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