Christopher Antram messages of support.

Gordon Primary School

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Mr Antram is the executive teacher for our son who has type 1 diabetes, anxiety and encopresis. He has also been an amazing support for our son and family.
While we understand that's what an executive should do Mr Antram never seems to mind helping out with anything we ask.
He encourages our son to take responsibility for his health however makes sure our sons support staff is always around when needed. He always makes sure all relief staff are aware of our sons medical conditions, which helps our son and us feel confident when his teacher is away.
He always supports our son and encourages him to support himself in his learning and being more confident within.

jodie barber

Because he is very patient, understanding and a great role model with morals and age appropriate behavior. He is very flexible and has never dismissed the opportunity to speak with parents this is something that I value as a parent being informed of my children's day good or bad. It's also encouraging to see my child reflecting on Mr Antram's advice and comments he taught that day in class, at home. This reinforces to me that my children value his ability to connect with the children and understand what he is trying to encourage at the school.

Sarah Drinkell

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