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Bucasia State School

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Miss Armstrong goes above and beyond not only her class but for the whole school. She has been teaching for 10 years and this year changed her whole teaching philosophy to incorporate growth mindset into a class where students were known to give up on themselves and their learning. Through the "Power of Yet", Miss A has started to change students mindsets across the school, students are happy, have a belief in their own abilities and are striving to be the best versions of themselves.

She also runs Rock, Pop, Mime for the school which incorporates, dancing, miming and acting to tell a story to music.

She supports new staff at her school and has even been known to decorate other teachers classrooms for their birthday, just to see them smile.

Miss A makes school a fun place to attend!

Jenn Armstrong

Miss A is an amazing teacher, beautiful friend and someone who really cares!!

Nicole Peltonen

Miss Armstrong has a variety of teaching approaches and the kids respond well to them all. She is passionate, kind and great fun. She gives her everything to her kids and it's clear she loves what she teaches and loves being a teacher. The feel good vibes and energy that radiates from the classroom is electric. Miss Armstrong believes in her students, she challenges the high achievers and then encourages them to challenge students who struggle, all as a team.

Miss Armstrong genuinely cares about her students, much the same way that a parent would care about their child. She is warm, respectful, empathetic and respected by the children.

She's also not afraid of tough love. This caring attitude lays the foundation for the kids to believe in their own capacity to learn.

Kathleen Munn

This teacher decorates her classroom in ways to help her kids to learn, she pours her heart and soul into making a difference for the kids and makes sure that the children, where most have difficult home lives, know that their classroom and Miss A is a constant in their life, their safe place and that they are valued.

Kate Wilson

Mrs Armstrong is one of a kind, she is the kind of teacher you pray for your child to have. She is hilarious, witty and advocates outrageously for the children. Parades, discos and any extra curricular activities are made all that more special when she is involved. Mrs Armstrong does so much for the school and is one of the highlights that makes Bucasia State School the best little school there is.

Kristie Anderson

Cat taught my daughter last year. It was the year that I sore my daughter achieve great things! I have my fingers crossed that Cat will teach my kids again in the future.
Cat is a wonderful teacher that is bubbly, professional, creative and always committed to her students. As a parent she is very approachable. But most of all her students respect and adore her xx

Kristy Johnson

The one teacher who will do what ever it takes to engage all students and create an enriched environment for students of all learning levels.

Nikki Horsford

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