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Hoppers Crossing Secondary College

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For the best dance teacher in the school

Erin Nice

Because she's one of the reason why I'm always excited to go to school. She just makes everyday better. :)

Vince Quisay

Bridgettes primary concern is for her students. She is about empowerment and busting goals - teaches to be the best person you can be and reaching your potential with hard work and focus.
She works well beyond her hours and duties - we notice this a home, her students and their success have aslways been her highest priority.

Kerryn Tohitau

One of the most caring, kind and loving individuals who goes out of her way to have and make a positive impact on people's lives young and old.

William Brougham

Bridget is so positive and uplifting to all those around her. Encourages our youth that they can achieve anything, dispite who they are and there background , there are no mountian high enough. Keep doing great thing for our tomorrow Bridget #futurprofing

Marian Rossi

Bridgette is a massive part of where my daughter is today. Her love and support had a massive impact on my daughter and we could always rely on her for anything. She made it so easy for any student to approach regardless on any situation. We also know of Bridgette outside of school. This lady deserves the world with all that she does for the youth and community. Hats off to her for her love support and nurturing way. Nothing but appreciation for all that she has done for my family. Love you B?

Cecilia Kawiti

Because she helps me not only through school but through life and she is always there keeping everyone entertained makes students have a reason to enjoy school alot

Luke David

Bridgette had been an inspiration and a role model for me since she taught me in year nine. Now having graduated I still look up to her.

Breeannon Knight

Bridget is so passionate about music and dance, as well as how important it is to kids of all ages. She has taken all that passion and endures to provide a safe haven for kids and guides them to pursue their dreams thus eliminating the amount of kids from straying into a bad crowd and losing their way.

Donny Unuia

Bridgette Afuie deserves this nomination because she is passionate about impacting lives making every student feel important and that they can achieve anything. She makes learning fun and is committed to seeing positive outcomes.

Tiana Feo

Bridgette Afuie has made a massive impact in my life as a mentor. She is always positive and her passion to teach and build up people around her, especially her students, is truly inspiring. Thank you Bridgette for being a positive influence in our community!

Elandrah Feo

Her unceasing enthusiasm is inspirational to her children.

Michelle Nichols

Bridgette's caring and generous nature is inspiring. Her positive and cheerful spirit is infectious! Her dedication and commitment for the youth is admirable. She gives people hope and opportunity. She really is such a beautiful person.

Kolove Katoanga Passi

Bridgette is such a caring kind person and makes learning fun.

Anne McManus

She truly cares about everyone she crosses paths with, with so much to give and so little to take. She's always ready help out no matter what the situation is and always putting the kids first !

Martha Lai

Because she's given me a lot of guidance and put my on the right paths to make me a better person. May god bless her ?

Tiana Marmara

Shows the students by hard work dreams can be achieved , the students performed at an amazing standard in the eistedford 2016. Bridgett also teaches out of school hours again empowering young people to reach for the stars. Dreams should not be undervalued

Beth McMahon

She's one of the most selfless, humble people i've ever met. She's always there to help, in any way she can and she's such a positive and motivating person to be around.

Stephannie Crawford

Bridgette has changed so many students lives in the 10 years I have known her! I am a student of hers and she has lead me on a path of life that has now given me a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful kids!

Without her guidance I wouldn't be where I am today!
I'm so blessed to have her in my life and as a role model!

Zoe Poualii

She deserves this nomination so much because she puts her everything into the helping the youth and future proofing our young child into a life where they can move forward in a positive way!

Zoe Taylor-said

I have known her the last ten years.she is an awesome teacher and role model to anyone who meets her.she is a beautiful soul who is humble and gracious in her beliefs and values.her outstanding work at school and in the community is a attribute to her passion to teach in this society.

Helen SAID

I nominate Bridgette Afu'ie because she is a very special and talented person. She has touched many hearts with the gift that she holds in her hands. She has been blessed by an angel. I hope you consider this lovely lady as she has a heart of gold.

Frances Marmara

Bridgette goes above and beyond, her ability and willingness to help people goes beyond the classroom and I would say that is one of her main attributes that make her an amazing teacher, mother and role model for all those that cross paths with her.

Jese Tuivoavoa

Her faith to never give up on "youth" is so evident in the work she does. She provides such a platform to help kids, no matter what background, what ethnicity and what colour they are. Bridgette will go out of her way any day to help children, teens and young adults achieve their goals and she will not stop until the job has been done. She deserves this award undoubtably for her love and care for the youth in our society.

Miquel Sietu

She's a Empowering and uplifting leader!

Ivy Poualli

She's always so supportive when helping the youth, doesn't discriminate against anyone!

Just an all rounder in life! Glad that she is in the teaching industry to help better our children and give them a positive perception of life!

Brooklyn Poualii

Bridgette is so selfless. She would give the shirt off her back without question because thats just the type of person she is. She is an amazing teacher, friend, mother and role model. All those that have gotten the priveledge to know her know that her willingness to help others in particular our youth goes beyond measure - thats something that cant just be taught, its something thats instilled in us and God blessed her with it. To be an amazing teacher, create a dance family and open doors for these young people to dream big, trust in God and make their dreams a reality just shows how truely great she is. She deserves to be recognised and more :)

Pip Roma

Bridgette Afuie is more than just a teacher in many ways, she has educated and encouraged me in the best of ways to be able to achieve my very best and which allowed me get one of the highest year 12 scores in Vet dance. Miss Afuie brings so much to the table in all areas that a student who came from a broken home and family was able to achieve my academics when no other teacher believed in me and was the soul reason for me being able to successfully complete year 12. I can't see anyone else more deserving of this opportunity and know that Miss Afuie will such an asset and blessing to all students from any nature.

Florence Robertson

The only teacher I can truly say would sacrifice anything and everything for her students. I've never come across someone so giving, smart and helping to all the youth that she invests her time to educate and guide. She is such a great role model to all young and old and deserves such a great opportunity like this to be able to prove all her many talents and attributes that makes her the out standing teacher she is.

Alex Matautia

Mrs Afuie has done nothing but give her all in the years she has been teaching, making sure her students do the best they can inside and also outside of school. dedicating her time in working hours and out of working hours to make sure her students acheive the best they can to their ability and making sure they're safe. She has the biggest heart and best smile, no matter what she goes through she still gives the best she can. True inspiration in general and also the dance scene.

Jay Presincula

Bridgette has the biggest heart. She's always making sure everyone's okay and well. She goes above and beyond for the people she loves. Bridgette honestly is such an inspiration to myself and everyone around her. Her consistent positivity and drive to push, is one of her strongest traits. She represents all that is good in the world and is so encouraging. Bridgette isn't only a great teacher within her school...but with her family, friends, dance crews, and all those around her. She is definitely leaving a mark in the world and a great legacy!! #godbless #muchlove

Claudia Parisi

Bridgette has the biggest heart. She's always making sure everyone's okay and well. She goes above and beyond for the people she loves. Bridgette honestly is such an inspiration to myself and everyone around her. Her consistent positivity and drive to push, is one of her strongest traits. She represents all that is good in the world and is so encouraging. Bridgette isn't only a great teacher within her school...but with her family, friends, dance crews, and all those around her. She is definitely leaving a mark in the world and a great legacy!! #godbless #muchlove

Claudia Parisi

Bridgette is one of God's most inspiring beings on the earth. Her ability to care for those around her, friend or stranger, is something to admire. Her strength, love & KINDNESS never goes unnoticed. Bridgette has inspired me to be a better person. She has inspired the youth of today & will continue to do so out of the kindness of her heart. Bridgette is an incredible leader, mentor & teacher in today's day & age. No doubt she will continue to do great things for others & may God bless her.

Dee Parisi

Bridgette has been a mentor since I was young, not only teaching dance but guiding our youth onto better paths for a better future. She has changed so many lives in ways you cannot possibly imagine. Simply by being so generous, wise, caring, selfless and most of all loving. Forever putting each and everyone else's needs before her own. Bridgette is by far the greatest teacher I've come across & most definitely deserves this award for all her hard efforts!

Reneeya Patiti

Fabulous passion for sharing dance with students. Empowers youth with self confidence through dance.

Iva Ponton

I know personally so many kids that have benefited from having Mrs Bridgette Afu'ie as a mentor not just from inside her classrooms, but also from the programms she runs outside of school to help keep youth off the streets. We need more teachers like this that are invested as an all round to help give kids the best start to life.

Susana Alefosio

Bridgette Afuie is amazing, so giving of her time and positive energy in a very demanding profession, she shines bright to bring success to her students with a passion for dance. It is all for the kids, in her school and in her community she makes the world a better place.

Sue-anne McCarthy

Because she puts others before herself

Alex Poualii

Bridgette is always willing to go that extra mile for a student. She works hard at ensuring that students who are disengaged in school reconnect through programs that she runs like wakakirri or dance class. Bridgette contiunally uses her lunch time to roam the school yard and find some of these disengaged students, she just stop to have a chat with them and check in that everything is okay in the home life. She is an amazing teacher and our school is very fortunate to have her.

Kate Elmer

Bridgette has changed so many of her students lives in and out of the classroom as our dance teacher. When you're in her class, it's not all about grades or passing, it's about growth and development and learning and life. I wouldn't be half the dancer nor student I am without Bridgette's constant care and positive attitude towards my learning and the amount of time and dedication she puts into all of her students. Bridgette truly cares about her students and not just their learning, but also our emotional and mental wellbeing, constantly checking in with every single one of us every time she sees us to make sure we're doing okay. She deserves this award more so than any teacher I've ever met.

Genny Slade-Nafoi

She teaches students to show their emotions through dance. She helps their mental health by showing them was to express themselves. Her classes help kickstart our careers and improve and prepare ourselves for the future.
Afuie creates an enviorment for kids to feel safe and learn where they feel no shame to be who they are.

Selena Hema

The work Bridgette does to provide opportunities for kids to reconnect with their education is crucial to our school environment.

Ernest Price

She is an awesome person and an excellent teacher. The proof is in the way she has patience with her students. And her students have amazing dance movements etc. They have also entered competitions in the US. She is an excellent family member and she is very supportive of everyone. She is patient, kind, intelligent and goes out of her way to help and support people. Her parents and family are very proud of her. She has and will continue to make a day better for all she has taught and continues to teach including her support towards her friends, family and various peoples she has had a connection with.

Murphy Sola

She has shown time and time again that the students always come first. She goes above and beyond giving students her time and attention in and out of school. She's a great example of what a teacher is.

Savahna Brown

I nominate Bridgette Afuie because Bridgette's relationship with familie's peer's and students is amazing. Bridgette is always thinking of her students and knows their capabilities and manages to bring out the best in each of them. I have also seen a lot of students she has taught, become positive role models in the community and end up in Youth programs helping Youth themselves. I have watched Bridgette transform from a young vibrant girl teaching my children to now a wonderful teacher, mother, wife, who is still teaching many of my family, friends, and students. Regards: Gina Dennis

Gina Dennis

very kind and polite teacher

Sagar Nayyat

Always carrying for others first

Kavea Faletaupule

Knowing Mrs. Afuie from what she does outside of her teaching career, she is a teacher at heart, no matter what time of day it may be. I respect her so much for her passion in impacting the younger generations and inspiring younger kids to follow their dreams.

Nak Assa

Would like to vote for Brigette because overall she's an amazing person. Great personality, always wanting to help out people specially the kids.

Edward Ramos

B always goes out of her way to take care of the people around her, not only in a school environment but everywhere she goes, making her deserving of this award.

Chantelle Dawoud

Mrs Afuie is the most selfless person I know . She is so giving and will go out her way for anyone no matter who it is to make sure that people are happy , people know that they have support and that their not standing alone . It's not just in a school where she's such a great person but in the outside world as well , who is known to be someone that inspires and uplifts others with her bubbly , funny and loving personality . she is definitely a light that shines in our family , someone who will do anything to protect those who she loves .Her faith in God , her faith in herself is so strong that it helps her get through her days because she puts all her trust in him and when she walks the path of being on that spiritual side , she helps to inspire others with having faith in themselves .

Niah Afuie

Bridgette has done so many amazing things in the community and has inspired so many children to step out of their comfort zone and reach things that they may never have even thought about before. She is a positive life force, with an abundance of patience, good will and charm. She is truly a blessed woman who has a positive impact on every person's life she touches.

Kayla Hamilton

You can tell how genuine and how passionate she is when working towards building a better community for our youth. And she puts her all to ensure that we as her students have a better future ahead.
I can personally say for me she has changed my life tremendously. Being under her teachings has taught me to be strong minded & to be confident in myself. That I can make a difference!
Life lessons that I will definitely take on and hopefully teach to the next generation.
There is no one I know that deserves this award more than Bridgette. She is one of the most hard working and selfless people I know.

Dena Lonia

Really supportive and helps students

Demi Awad

Because of the genuine care and love she shows to each student no matter where they're from. I've seen proof of her work in saving some of these kids lives and it makes a huge difference in how they're futures will play out thanks to teachers like Bridgette.

Dinah Teofilo

Mrs Afuie is a gem that is rear, she not only has changed our family lives at school but in the community as well, a selfless person that gives 100% of her time day in & day out, could not think of a person more deserving! All the best Mrs Afuie your an inspiration!

Diana Laiga

Bridgette is the most selfless, caring, kind hearted, enthusiastic and loving person you can come across. She will always put others before herself regardless of the situation.

Elizabeth Andrade

Because why not

Yasemin Cansever

Bridgette is a great teacher mentor and role model who goes out of her way above and beyond to see that her students succeed and flourish in thier desired areas of education training and in general life. She is a pillar in the community and no doubt needs to be celebrated for it. In my opinion there is no one better suited for this award . Alofa aku bridgette

Areni Faamoe

I nominate this teacher for not only being the funniest teacher i've ever had the pleasure of being taught by, but also one of the teachers that you feel so comfortable and learn so much life experience from!

Ebony West

Bridgette optimizes what a true teacher should be. She will go without, to ensure that her students are fed, clothed and safe. Her compassion for all and passion for youth issues, makes me strive to be a better person. This amazing individual has changed the lives of those in her care for the better, not only within her dance classroom but through her external youth work in dance.

Rachael Paparoulas

Look at all these amazing comments by others about Bridge. Lord knows she was destined for this, not only as a teacher for her students, but being able to provide the same mentoring/teachings/love/care/generosity to life outside school, when she doesn't even have too. I couldn't think of anyone more deserving. I have witnessed first hand how this wonderful woman makes a huge positive/inspiring impact to people's lives (student or no student). I've seen her uplift, guide & be so selfless that she's saved so many lives without even knowing it. Heck, she's even one of the reasons I feel like I was saved. You literally light up the room with any situation & with you the kids always come first. This is why so many people look up to you & adore you. TY for making an great impact on my life.

May Roufeil

What makes her such a good teacher is because she is a passionate, caring individual. She truly is a genuine person that cares a lot for her students.

Gian De Felipe

When a person has the ability to walk into a students life and make a difference - you know that person has something special. They are a rare find and this person is Bridgette Af'uie. She doesn't just make any day better, she makes EVERY day better for all those who are lucky enough to have her in their lives. She genuinely cares for not only her students wellbeing, but also their education. She is more than a teacher to her students and the community- she is a mentor, counsellor, friend and inspiration. She makes the world better. I am thankful for all that she does and continues to do.

Melissa Tarquinio

Bridgette is very dedicated and inspirational and always goes above and beyond to support, educate and get the best out of her students. She teaches them to believe in themselves and that nothing is impossible with determination hard work and the right attitude. Brig is loved and respected by all her students friends and family and is very deserving of this nomination.

Hanan Dawoud

I think Bridgette takes so much pride in her students and always wants the best for them. She is a great role model to so many young people and we are lucky to have her in our community

Sabrina Duchenne

Very humble and keen to help every child and adult she comes across.
Bridgette has an amazing tolerance and spirit to give

David Marks

Ms. Afuie is a great teacher who is passionate about the classes she teaches. She's a very kind and considerate teacher who wants to help her students receive the best results possible. She is easy to talk to and does her best to provide young people with opportunities to succeed, and I'm nominating her for A Day Made Better so that she can get at least a little of the recognition she deserves.

Jessica Marklew

For going above and beyond, inside the classroom and out, to support her students to achieve their goals.

Elise Elmer

Bridgette is the epiphany of a person who goes well above and beyond for everyone she meets and comes across. She not only teaches, mentors, but is the very reason that a lot of us wake up every day and strive to keep going despite all the ups and downs we go through in life.

She has taught me all I know about being not just a good leader but a good person. With her enthusiasm and fantastic singing, she has a way of inspiring us and pushing us to reach their full potential, even when we don't see it within ourselves.

If I know anyone who is most deserving of this award, it is her. Every day, she makes an impact in everyone's lives and just gives them so much hope and happiness that we need to achieve whatever in life. I am blessed to call her not only my teacher, but my family.

Daphne Patiti

Because she is my favourite teacher and she always makes my dance classes fun and exciting. She motivates me to do things in dance that i'd never picture myself doing, YOU THE MANN BRIDGETTE!!!!

Jaylena Mackie

miss afuie is such a amazing teacher and a amazing dancer as well. she has taught me how to dance and given me lots of chances to do lots of stuff. she is a very selfless person and a very very very very very very nice teacher and teaches us lots of very exciting things. done.

sarah gia

Mrs Afuie takes a large majority of her own time to help students fully perfect their performances and beyond. Always being there to fully assist anyone whenever they need it

Jamie Sevita

Bridgette has helped so many kids get through school when they would've otherwise dropped out. She always puts the needs of others before herself and has been like a mother to youth who have no one else to look up to.

Gina Michael

Bridgette is one of the most inspiring person I know. The energy that she gives to her friends, family, students to anyone is amazing. Always keeping positive and good vibes, and am always learning of her.

Julie Nguyen

Bridgette is one of the most inspiring person I know. The energy that she gives to her friends, family, students to anyone is amazing. Always keeping positive and good vibes, and am always learning of her.

Julie Nguyen

Because I think she deserves this and only because she is trying to help others out

satui semu

Bridgette is amazing and is truly the most outgoing and positive person who just genuinely brings positivity and happiness to all her classes! I am grateful to have her as a teacher and learn from her! She is extremely passionate about what she does and is always motivated! Bridgette deserves this award! :)

Keisha Kononen-bauer

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