Brendan Able messages of support.

East Waikiki Primary School

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Mr Able has gone beyond and above for my son to help him improve academically and behaviour wise! My son son has come so far and continues to improve day by day, thank you Me Able

Caris Mason

Mr A is always encouraging the kids to challenge themselves, he makes learning fun and takes the time to help each child progress in all areas.

Jennifer Kilshaw

Mr A not only challenges students, but encourages parents to be actively involved in their children's education; providing tips and strategies for parents to use at home.

Cameron Kilshaw

Mr Able is definitely one of those teachers that truly cares about his students and challenges them constantly to do the best they can even if they may not realise themselves initially but in a way that doesn't overwhelm them but motivates them to try and keep trying. My daughter improved sooooooo much across the board in his class. And really liked him as her teacher.

Tania Lee

This man is so very passionate about learning and a visonary who actively engages each child in his class to go beyound what they never dreamed they were capable of and his enpowers parents to do the same with their child/ren.Seeing how my child evolved and the impact his influence had on her is second to none.Thank you Mr Able.A teacher to always be remebered and respected throughout a lifetime.The world needs more incrediable,inovated,passionate,devoted visonaries like Mr Able.He is certainly on of those gold nugget amongst the gravel.

Joanna Ryan

Mr Able is an awesome teacher. He really encourages the students to extend themselves and not just settle for mediocrity in their learning. He pushes them to go beyond and even learn things that the older students are learning. My son has improved so much and loves learning.

Chantelle White

Mr Able is the most outstanding teacher who goes beyond every opportunity to take his students to a higher academic level. It does not matter where they begin academically, he stretches them through years of learning rather than just their particular 1 year expectation. He fill gaps in their learning, focuses on the basics (like times tables) with results unseen in many other classrooms. He then takes children's particular interests and hones their skills in those areas as well. My daughter consolidated her prior 4 years of learning then extended out into highschool levels. As a teacher myself, I have never seen another teacher so dedicated and involved in his class and their progress. An absolute angel on this earth.

Filipa Scott

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