Angelique Anastasiadis messages of support.

Taylors Lakes Primary School

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Angelique is a dedicated teacher who puts her blood, sweat and tears into her work. She values each and every one of her students and not only does she shine in the classroom but as the choir teacher too! She is a great inspiration and we need more teachers like her in school!

Antoinette Tsolakis

I nominate Mrs Anastasiadis, she was my teacher in grade 4 she saw something in me, and said if I work hard and apply myself I can become school captain when I am in grade 6, which happened. She is always there for her students and is always willing to help them in any way she can.

larissa farrugia

I nominate Mrs Anastasiadis, she was my teacher in grade 4 she saw something in me, and said if I work hard and apply myself I can become school captain when I am in grade 6, which happened. She is always there for her students and is always willing to help them in any way she can.

larissa farrugia

What makes Mrs. Anastasiadis a great teacher is that she is very dedicated, a teacher who understands the student psychology to the fullest extent, develops the student skills . A teacher who is "JUST PERFECT FOR HER PROFESSION". To me she's an angel on earth - that's Angelique!

Jayalakshmi Swaminathan

Mrs A is an awesome teacher, she is always encouraging me and building up me confidence with Maths and English. I always try really hard for her.

connor hall

Angelique is an outstanding teacher who gives to her students the highest levels of encouragement, excellence and support. Her attention to detail both in the classroom and the school choir is one of a kind. Angelique is warm, caring and considerate of all her students. We are all blessed to have her as our children's teacher and know that the gift she gives to the children is one to be treasured always .

Maryanne Gec

Mrs Anastasiadis is a very kind and caring teacher. She reads books to us in the most amazing way changing her voice with the characters. In every subject she makes the topic fun and interesting and I'm learning so much and so quickly thanks to my fantastic teacher. Mrs Anastasiadis has the most beautiful voice as our Choir teacher and we love to sing with her every week.

Alicia Gec

In just a few words I have found her to be very kind, caring, helpful and understanding. She loves what she does and that makes her stand out.

Sav Soldatos

SHE he has a wonderful nature with the kids and they just adore her. Always smiling and lending an ear

Bridgette Handley

I am nominating Angelique, as she's dedicated and works extremely hard for each student individually, loves her job and it shows.

Colleen Gillespie

Angelique Anastasiadis is a one in a million teacher - we were thrilled when we found out she would be teaching Christen in grade 4 based on what we had heard about her, but she has truly surpassed all expectations! Her kind, caring, enthusiastic, loving, warm and sweet personality makes every child feel special and valued. Angelique goes above and beyond any teacher I've ever known, her smile lights up the room and her love and enthusiasm for her students is unsurpassable! I would challenge anyone to find a teacher more dedicated, supportive and involved in her student's education and wellbeing.
If every teacher was just like Mrs A, there would be no shortage of happy, thriving children who would grow up to reach their full potential, in their education and in their life in general.

Evonne Emtsis

I nominate Mrs Anastasiadis because of everything she does for me, her beautiful smile, her warmth and love for her students and for everything else about her. From all my years of being at school, I have never had a teacher like Mrs Anastasiadis. Not only does she help us with our learning, but when finish doing an activity, Mrs A makes sure the whole classroom is covered with our work which makes the classroom colourful and beautiful to look at. Mrs A is the best teacher any student could ever have!

Christen Koumi

Miss A is passionate teacher. She understands that her students are at different stages and have varying levels of ability. She is hard working and truely cares about each one of her students.

Sara Elzo

She is an amazing teacher ?

Rita Dougramatzis

I have not had the pleasure of personally meeting Mrs A due to my work schedule but we communicate via my sons diary. Everyday my son comes home and only ever tells me positive things aboutd Mrs A. She takes the time to make sure my son is learning and understanding. She never makes him feel like is not good at anything which gives him confidence! She is an assit to the school. Thank you

Antonella Munir

She is a passionate and hard working teacher who makes time for every student in her class, and really sees them. My son is lucky to have her and her dedication gives me confidence that my son will achieved his potential unser her guidance

Lisa Vargas

I nominate Mrs Anastasiadis otherwise known as Mrs A for this award because she is an amazing teacher. A teacher that is dedicated to each of her students , she helps build students confidence and believes in every single student . Mrs A teachs from the heart she truly loves her job and loves each of her students , she is a positive role model , careing ,friendly and creates a positive teaching environment for her kids. Taylor lakes primary school is so lucky to have her teaching there . I was bless to have her teach my son when he was in grade 4 . Thank you so much Mrs A.

Palma Soldatos

She is a wonderful person and teacher.
My son had her as a teacher and the support he received was GOLD !
Thank you so much..

Koula Papagiannopoulos

Angelique Anastasiadis is a very dedicated teacher. Her students always have something positive to say about her. She always has a smile on her face and is always happy. Nothing is ever a problem for her. She's the perfect candidate for this award. Go Mrs A!!

Tina Kerr

Mrs A... so many things can be said about her and not one of them would be negative. The copious amount of positive she brings to the school is amazing. I would check in every single Friday when she had my son to see how he was going and sometimes be there for 30 mins but that never mattered to her. Support and encouragement was endless and appreciated as a parent. Above and beyond is something that comes to mind when I hear her name. It's my pleasure knowing her and having had her teach my son. Anyone who crosses paths with her is extremely lucky...

Kelly Kirchner

I nominate my mum, who is the most kind, generous and the most caring teacher in the world. She is so helpful by helping me study for exams and tests, encourages me in all I do, supports all kids and always has a smile on her face. My mum always has the kids at school having fun in lessons, learning heaps and enjoying school. Mum, you deserve this more than anyone. :)

Christina Anastasiadis

Mrs a was the best grade four teacher a child could have she helped me improve my litriture and mathematics she is the nicest teacher anyone could have and she puts a lot of effort to make work enjoyable she tought me to study hard and it is trust me when I say this she is the best teacher you could have and I wish she was one of the teachers at my secondary school

Daniel Jimenez

Angelique has interacted with two of my children,one in grade four and the other as part of choir.
She is one of a select few teachers that makes education fun, interesting and challenging.
She was and is an inspiration to my girls!!

Marie Nikiou

Angelique is a very gifted teacher, both in her class and her choir class. She spreads herself lovingly giving her all and in return getting the very best from her students. I think she is one special teacher that deserves to be recognised!

Irene Emtsis

Outstanding dedication, time and effort dedicated to her students, their parents, community and colleagues on Staff.

Sandra McDonald

I nominate Angelique because she is one of the most genuinely passionate and supportive teachers I have known. Angelique nurtures all her students in a way which meets their individual needs and personalities. She is a teacher of such ability, that children look forward to attending her class every day. Angelique clearly puts a great deal of thought and effort into every class she teaches. From my perspective as a parent, Angelique has my full confidence and trust, something not easily granted. I very much appreciate her openness, approachability and real efforts to tackle everyday issues, small or large. Angelique absolutely deserves an award for her outstanding daily achievements as a teacher, her continual work which shapes our children’s future.

Kearin Guziak

they are very nice and is very supportive

Dijana Mollabeciri

Angelique "Always" goes above and beyond with everything she does, need I say more, for as long as I've known her for over 30 years, she has always put 110% effort into everything she does.
Angeliques students education is so important to her and she is an excellent teacher who will never give up or providing for her students as if they were her own children. She deserves all the accolades and recognition she seldom gets or ask for and she is always humble in her achievements.

Theodore Di Luca

Mrs. Anastasiadis is very kind and supportive. She makes our learning lots of fun. I feel happy at school, she is my favourite teacher!

Amelie Guziak

I appreciate that Mrs. Anastasiadis has made this the best year of my daughter's school life.

Andre Guziak

Mrs A is my sister's teacher. I want to vote for Mrs. A because she is very nice to everyone, I hope she will be my teacher too!

Harlan Guziak

Mrs Anastasiadis is the best choir teacher I have ever had. She takes time to help us learn songs and sing them to the best of our ability. She is always smiling and caring. She is awesome!!!!

Drew Tripotseris

She is my daughter's teacher amazing teacher very friendly my daughter adores her loves being in her grade this year

Munever (minnie) Huseyin

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